Bleeding Gums in Children (Causes & Treatments)

It’s terrifying to watch if you find your child with bleeding gums, consider it an early warning of improper tooth brushing practices or the use of a hard-bristled toothbrush, biting gums, flossing the teeth too hard, an unhealthy food regimen, or possibly other dental disorders.

Bleeding gums might be an indication of serious oral health problems that you don’t want to ignore. Periodontal disease can potentially be linked to a variety of other health issues as you get older, so you should never overlook your dental hygiene.

Toddler bleeding gums can be caused by inflammation and infections, putting your teeth, mouth, and entire health at risk. These infections can spread to other regions of the patient’s body, causing further difficulties.

Gum Diseases that Affect Children

While gingivitis is a minor type of periodontal disease, it can still be harmful to your child’s oral health. This is the initial stage of periodontitis, in which plaque on the teeth causes bacteria to proliferate and irritate the gums.

Gingivitis is classified into four types:

  • Subacute gingivitis appears suddenly but is less painful than acute gingivitis
  • Acute gingivitis is painful, comes unexpectedly, and lasts only a brief time
  • Chronic gingivitis is less painful, but it lasts longer
  • Recurrent gingivitis: Recurrent gingivitis returns after therapy

It can affect children, babies, teens, and even healthy adults. It is more common in teens and affects the molars or incisors. If not treated early on, it might result in the loss of alveolar bone or allow plaque to build, resulting in cavities that are difficult to avoid.

Causes of Gum Diseases

High Sugar Diet: You’re probably well aware that soft drinks and candy are unhealthy for your gums and teeth. But did you realize that fruit juice and dried fruit snack bars contain a lot of sugar as well? And do high-carbohydrate or starchy meals, such as bread, chips, crackers, spaghetti, potatoes, and pretzels, produce sugars that promote plaque and bleeding gums?

Dry Mouth and Gums: The IAPD describes how dry gums can readily bleed in a mouth that should always be moist. Dry gums in toddlers might occur as a result of Breathing through their lips rather than their noses as a result of allergic responses, enlarged tonsils or adenoids. They are unable to lock their mouths at sleep due to a short upper lip or another orthodontic condition.

Gum Injury: Healthy gums might bleed when they are harmed by aggressive brushing or brushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush.

Other factors include:

Poor nutrition, particularly a lack of vitamin C, or if the youngster consumes sugary meals and beverages on a daily basis, which leads to plaque buildup

Chronic, continuing stress can impair the immune system, which can contribute to gum disease over time.

Cigarette: Other variables, such as cigarette use and hormonal fluctuations, can also play a role in teens and adults.

Teeth grinding, which may be related to stress

Several drugs


Diabetes, autoimmune illnesses, and other health issues

How to Prevent and Treat Gum Diseases in Children

The most significant approach of prevention is to create regular and complete dental care routines, which include:

  • Flossing on a daily basis
  • Brushing your teeth twice per day
  • Using a soft-bristled toothbrush( If possible use foam for some days to enable gum heal when discovered) and going to the dentist on a regular basis for cleanings and check-ups
  • Keeping a healthy diet

If the gum disease has progressed, alternative treatment options include:

  • Deep cleaning of the teeth to eliminate extra plaque and tartar
  • Antibiotics or topical antiseptics are used to minimize bacterial accumulation
  • Surgery to remove diseased gums and correct any major damage


This blog is intended to give general information on dentistry subjects in order to assist you in answering your inquiries. The material provided here is for educational purposes only and is not meant to substitute medical advice from a professional pediatrician or pediatric dentist. If you, your kid, or another adult has a dental problem, please book a consultation with us so you may talk with a dentist.

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