EID-EL-FITRI: Let’s Transfer Ramadan’s Values to Our Daily Lives, says Saraki

Former Senate President Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki has advised Nigerian Muslims to adopt the ideals they learned during the recently concluded fasting period and to incorporate them into their daily lives and the discharge of their civic responsibilities.

Saraki also congratulated Muslims worldwide on the successful conclusion of Ramadan fasting for the Hijra 1444 in a statement sent from his Abuja media office. He added that after the fasting season has over, people should still uphold the values of self-denial, sympathy for the weak, aiding the weak, living a respectable life, exercising restraint with all of their senses, and spending more time in prayer to Allah Ta’ala.

“If we can all continue to be good Muslims and good citizens irrespective of whether we are in Ramadan, then our communities will be a better place for all of us to live and we will enjoy the peace of Almighty Allah.

“This year’s Ramadan has come and gone and while we pray that all of us should witness the next one in good health, we need to consciously work on becoming better Muslims, better citizens, and better individuals who are working to give a good account to almighty Allah on the Day of Judgement. That is why we have to find a way to sustain the values of piety, tolerance, humility, good neighborliness, honesty, and patriotism in our daily lives.

“As Muslims, we must reflect on the teachings of Islam and the lessons we have learned from the various recommended activities during Ramadan in our activities as citizens of this great country. It is the only way we can save our country.

“We must not cease praying for our country. This is a great country that Almighty Allah has blessed with all the necessary materials for her greatness. We have to do our part for the manifest destiny of our country to be realized. 

“While I pray to Allah to help us break all the jinx holding our country down, I call on Allah to protect all our men and women in the security agencies who are at the frontlines confronting the enemies. May Allah give them victory over the enemy and heal our land.

“Once again, Eid Mubarak to all Muslims.”, Saraki said.

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