Local Government Gratuity: 2011 Jan-May Retirees Payment Commences

Beneficiaries from 2009–2010 who haven’t picked up their checks are urged to attend the Pension Board

The local government officers who retired between January and May of 2011 will begin receiving gratuities from the Kwara State Local Government Pension Board.

In a press release, the Executive Secretary of the Board, Mr. Oyelowo Sumaila Micheal, reportedly pleaded with the beneficiaries to come in person and present the necessary identification to pick up their gratuity checks.

The payment is a phased-out inheritance gratuity payment, according to the Executive Secretary.

However, he pleaded with the remaining pensioners to maintain their composure and patience because, by God’s Grace, they would undoubtedly experience this dawn of change.

He then asked the 2009–2010 Pensioners who had not yet picked up their cheque to visit the Commission to do so.

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq was praised by Mr. Oyelowo for his concern for employees, particularly pensioners, and for his prompt payment of salaries and pensions.

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