Gov Abdulrazak and his systemic vote buying ploys

By Onimago AbdulSalam

Following the thunderous wave of massive support and the organic show of love to the erstwhile Senate President and the National Leader of the PDP Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki and other PDP candidates by the majority of Kwarans, the outgoing Gov and his directionless camp have been thrown to disarray, hence employing different tactics and antics to subvert the will of the people and spine the narratives as usual.

His first plot was summoning his created army of jobless data boys to reel out propaganda, blackmails and lies in a bid to soil Saraki’s name and his popularity, but as God would have it, just like many other battles, the anticipated attacks were dead on arrival because it could not stand the test of time against the popularity of Saraki and the PDP candidates.

The second attempt in their war of calumny was coercing VVIPs and traditional rulers to do their bidding, we have it on records that popular traditional rulers from Kwara North have been threatened with dethronement if they do not publicly declare for the governor’s reelection, how low can a governor and his party go? We have not had it this worse in the history of our State where a governor assumes the position of an Emperor and dictates what will be and what will not. Monarchs across the country make their political choices without the fear of coercion or oppression except for those in Kwara in this current dispensation. In Osun, we knew of monarchs with divergent political views and were not witch-hunted nor persecuted for their choices.

The Oluwo of Iwo is a staunch critique of the PDP and a lover of the APC, the Ataoja of Osogbo publicly bemoaned the then ruling party to express his support for an opposition party and heaven didn’t fall, similar cases of monarchs pitching tents for politicians across party lines are in everywhere except for Kwara where any monarch that supports an opposition or opposes the ruling administration at the expense of his crown.

Lately, as of 2nd of February 2023, when it’s days to general elections, the governor for the fear of his imminent and inevitable loss deployed other tactics in using States agencies such as KWASSIP to pay money into people’s accounts across polling units in the State, we wish to categorically tell them the people will use their money to celebrate the opposition victory against them as it happened in Osun States a couple of months ago. I need someone to remind His Excellency that government is a continuum and losing reelection isn’t the end of life as he won’t be the first and the final victim of such circumstance and situation, in lieu of this, our treasury should not be depleted to prosecute a lost course where the majority of the people had long decided to part ways with their failure and usher in new breaths of PDP.

As if those antics were not enough, the outgoing governor not satisfied with his many numerous ploys settled for his last resort of buying the loyalty of security agents by transferring money anonymously to their account and indicating their assignment on how to stop other opposition from exercising their franchise. Many have tried this and failed in the past and that of the outgoing governor won’t be a difference, if you failed you’re not rewarded but rather punished by the electorates, this, the outgoing governor and his traducers knew, the reason they’re fighting tooth and nail to retain power, whilst they have forgotten that the power of the people is greater than the people in power. Kwarans have withstood, beared and outlive many challenges, this won’t be an exemption as we Kwarans have resolved to Vote PDP at all levels and truly prove that O Su Wa.

Onimago AbdulSalam writes from Agaka, Ilorin.

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