Gov AbdulRazaq has done so well, he is a silent achiever, says Etsu Tsaragi

The re-election campaign of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq of Kwara State received a significant boost on Wednesday when another first-class monarch declared himself the candidate of his community in the March 11 general election.

Etsu Tsaragi Alhaji Aliyu Abdullahi Kpoto referred to the Governor as a silent achiever with a number of infrastructure projects to his credit, saying that he has done so much for every area of the state in a way that hasn’t been seen recently.

“We know what you are doing for us and sincerely appreciate you. Like I usually tell people, what we need to do on our part is to appreciate all your efforts, and the only way to do that is to massively vote for you and all the candidates of APC. It is not possible to have 100 percent votes in every election but I can assure you of a minimum of 70 percent vote,” the monarch said in his Palace amid dozens of his subjects that hosted the Governor on a courtesy visit.

“Some people of the other political parties are also struggling to earn our votes, but my people know what is good for them, and that is what they are doing by welcoming you specially.” he said.

The governor’s courteous visit was his final engagement during his campaign trips in Kwara North’s Edu-Patigi axis because he had to momentarily halt his public rallies in order to respect the public’s sentiment on currency shortage and its effects on the state’s citizens.

The Etsu claimed that the governor has done a fantastic job in every section of the state, especially in Tsaragi, and that he merits a new mandate to finish his good work.

“You don’t have issues in the Tsaragi Emirate. Having come closer to you and assessed your track records of achievements in the past years, I have been singing that AbdulRazaq must come for a second term, in shaa Allah. I am saying this not because you are here, my people can testify to this,” he added, raising the hands of the Governor before dozens of his powerful chiefs and subjects.

“All we need in government is progress and development, and that is what you have been pursuing with rigour. We really appreciate the sacrifice you have been making. You are such a governor in Nigeria that is not using an official car, because you said rather than living in comfort, you are ready to sacrifice for the well-being of the masses in the state.” the monarch said.

The monarch referred to several political and career appointments as well as the creation of the foundational infrastructure in his realm when he claimed that the administration had outperformed their expectations.

“What I also discovered about our Governor is that he is publicity shy. He just wants to work; it is left for we the beneficiaries to appreciate him. He doesn’t blow his trumpet. Otherwise if all the things he has done across the state must be mentioned, I swear before Allah, your opponents have nothing to campaign with, because your developmental projects are not concentrated within the urban area but they cut across every nook and cranny of the state. That is happening for the first time in the history of the state,” he added.

Later, the Governor and his wife, Ambassador Olufolake AbdulRazaq, received the traditional titles of Wambai Tsaragi (Senior Counselor to the Etsu) and Garkuwa-mata Tsaragi (Tsaragi District Strong Woman).

The Tsaragi Township Road, which was built by Governor AbdulRazaq, would also have his name, according to the monarch.

Senator Umar Sadiq, Prof. Mamman Saba Jubril, Commissioner for Communications Abubakar Saddiq Buhari, Deputy Chairman for State APC Alhaji Abdullahi Samari, Director General State APC Campaign Council Alhaji Abdulfatai Yahya Seriki, as well as other government officials and party leaders, accompanied the Governor on the visit.

For his part, AbdulRazaq thanked the people of Tsaragi for their support and willingness to accept him as their candidate, pledging to build on his accomplishments in their community and throughout Kwara State if re-elected.

“I am truly overwhelmed by His Royal Highness’ speech. When we did our work here, we didn’t know that it was being noticed and appreciated this much, but we knew that sometimes down the line, our efforts would be appreciated. We know the importance of this town. That is why we invested in infrastructure, education, and healthcare. Your gesture encourages us to do more. We will totally transform Tsaragi for you,” he said.

The Governor promised to push for the operation of the Bacita sugar company and the completion of a few other federal government projects, including the Tsaragi/Patigi federal road, under Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s presidency. In the meantime, he asked for their support for Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and other party candidates running for office.

“We know most of you are farmers, and we are going to deepen what we do in farming, including extension services, and make sure you get the right tools to work with,” the Governor added.

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