Abdulrahaman has not been able to account for almost N500billion Revenue since 2019 – Ademola Banu

*….Says the past administration was transparent and accountable to the good people of Kwara.

Former commissioner for finance in Kwara state and chieftain of Peoples Democratic Party, Mr. Ademola Nurudeen Banu has berated the incumbent Abdulrazaq-led government in the state, describing it as insincere and non-transparent in the handling of Kwara state finances.

Banu, who disclosed this in an exclusive interview with ThisDay newspaper, which was closely monitored by this medium, noted that, contrary to the lies being spine by the incumbent Apc government, past administrations under Dr. Bukola Saraki and Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed (Maigida ) were transparent and accountable in the handling of the resources of the state thereby recorded significant progress in human and infrastructural development.

He expressed surprise that with almost half a trillion naira in revenue including a huge loan of over N60 billion within 3 years in the state, this government has not completed any landmark project. He further disclosed that the allocation to the Local government has also increased significantly from an average of N1.7 billion monthly which is less than N2,1 billion used to pay the salary of Subeb teachers, and local government workers and pensioners during the larger period of the last administration to over N4 billion monthly with a salary of about N2.5 billion currently leaving an excess of about N1.5 billion monthly. Unfortunately, the government is secretive with the finances of the state and local government and that’s why the Freedom of information is yet to be signed.

Setting the records straight on salary matters, Banu explained that the past administration of Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed prioritized prompt payment of workers’ salaries and pensions, noting that the N18,000 minimum wage, which was in operation under the regime was duly paid without Propaganda. The N30,000 minimum wage was signed into law after the government had already changed hands.

The former Commissioner stated that, despite accessing close to half a trillion- naira revenue- including a huge debt of more than N60 billions, it is disappointing that the Abdulrasaq-led government could not pay the N30,000 minimum wage in the first three years of his administration but had to wait till recently when elections are close by.

Banu urged civil servants in Kwara not to quickly forget how Abdulrazaq’s Government took them to court for demanding N30,000 minimum wage.

He said despite the huge financial inflow to the state and the huge debt of over N60bn, this government has not recorded any landmark infrastructural project.

Dismissing the lies about the water Reticulation project, he added that Dr. Bukola Saraki invested N2.2billion for the primary rehabilitation and upgrading of Asa Dam in 2009 while the Maigida administration completed the secondary Reticulation with N6.5 billion, which connects water pipes to all major areas of Ilorin.

He expressed sadness that the incumbent government has abandoned the third phase of the Water project, which is the laying of pipes to houses in a bid to connect every household in Ilorin to the water system thereby worsening water scarcity in the city.

He lambasted the government for abandoning the the major dual carriage road, Songo to UITH road, linking the State Capital, Ilorin, to the Northern part of the state, which was almost completed by the last administration to deteriorate, indicating the mentality of the present administration to governance. Banu described Abdulrazaq as an undertaker who’s only in government to destroy the many legacies of previous administrations.

He accused the current government of coming up with baseless allegations through jaundiced audit reports. He further confirmed that the Efcc has withdrawn the case instituted against him for lack of evidence.

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