Saraki’s Tour in Kwara North: An icing on the cake for PDP’s victory.


Olota Abdulsomad

A volunteer in the kitchen at a welfare camp narrated a story that there was once a deaf man who came into the kitchen looking hungry yet wasn’t receptive of the food provided others.
Deciding to pay more attention to him in a situation where everyone was busy attending to the hundreds lined up for food, the volunteer devised a method of exchanging notes with the deaf who later explained that
he had a health condition requiring him to eat low sodium foods. After several exchange of notes and dialogue, a custom-made order was made for the deaf.

The deaf’s appreciate note reads: “Thank you for being patient and accepting of my disability. You could have decided to focus on others and still be described as doing your job but you went out of your way to listen to me and address my need in the most suitable way”

This story taught us that being hungry is not an invitation to be served just any meal that could be detrimental to one’s health. You must be willing to pay closer attention and address peculiar situations with customized solutions which is exactly what Bukola Saraki has done in Kwara North.
No one will deny the fact that development in the region seems comatose for years or is at least moving at a snail’s pace, possibly because nobody understands the style of their expression.

Prior to 2019, out of desperation to be truly understood, a fabulist sold many lies to Kwara Northeners by taking advantage of peculiar situation without doing anything in return.
Part of the lies which still remains a wish after an administrative tenure was to link Patigi-Bida road with a bridge if elected, among so many promises yet unfulfilled.

Four years after Kwara northerners were deceived to go against a man who as Kwara State Governor, invested in their development and had a decisive plan to bring them to limelight with the available resources in the state at the time, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, visited the region again despite perceived suspicion that he is hated in the region. Interestingly, the streets were filled with smiles and hope on the faces of the old and young, the kings expressed mutual regard, the Chiefs and the rich trooped out en masse and the atmosphere became warmed: all vociferating upon the arrival of Abubakar Bukola Saraki, that, the true hope is here. Indeed, it was a warm reception.

Just like the deaf man’s warm fuzzies, Kwara North eventually felt the joy of being understood as the custom-made order for their yearnings is under placement through the candidacy of Alhaji Abdullahi Shuaib Yaman, who is not only a son to them but also understands the way to Kwara North’s development. Unlike the volunteer at the kitchen, Yaman doesn’t need to devise a means to communicate and understand the peculiar situations of Kwara North,he speaks their language and is also one of them. A victory for Yaman will only usher in a Kwara state for all Kwarans.

From the streets of Lafiagi to Patigi, the glamour of victory for all PDP candidates shines through the moonlight in the night of Lafiagi and through the sunlight in early hours of the day in Patigi, that even the remaining doubting-thomases were attracted and fell in line with the mission to Rescue-Nigeria and Recover-Kwara with PDP. The district of Lade and Kpada in astonishment sang the praises of the young, incredible and handsome man, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, for his patience at understanding their plight and for his altruism which led his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, to be the only party that conceded its gubernatorial ticket to the region. In return, a resounding victory for all PDP candidates was assured.

Just like the South and Central, Kwara North is PDP and Kwara Northerners echoed it this past few days that, we are all for you, Oloye, come February 25th and March 11th, 2023.

As the three days tour continues soon, the people of Tsaragi are looking forward to welcoming the Jack Bauer of Nigerian politics with great anticipation.

The drums of support for PDP in Kwara North continues to roll and the icing has been placed on the cake for an imminent PDP victory across all ballots.

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