APC rally caps, clothes and others burnt in Kwara after rally, mobilizers paid us 3000 each, say Okada riders

Okada, Napep riders, taxi drivers, artisans, traders burn customised items in protest against APC, Okada riders reveal how much Executives were paid for mobilization.

Mobilised attendees of the APC Presidential rally in Kwara State took to the streets of Ilorin to burn campaign items that were given to them in protest against APC administration in the state.

Also, in a trending video across social media platforms, Okada, Napep riders, and taxi drivers were seen peeling the inscription on the items, while saying they don’t want to be identified with the party in Kwara State. They lamented that the Kwara State Government under Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has taxed them beyond their imagination without anything to show for it.

Individuals who took their cars to the rally were also seen using hydrolic oil to peel off the inscription on the campaign items, while expressing painfully that does the APC expect them to forget the price of food items in the market now.

Old women and men who are majorly traders that were equally mobilised, this platform obtained that they were paid #3000 to attend the rally, while also disclosing that they got paid before being conveyed to the venue. Mr. Salau from Mandate market expressed that he went to the rally because of the money, but didn’t even wait for it to commence before navigating his way back to the market.

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