The Lion-king, the Lagos-hyena and the Kwara-jackal

By Abdullateef Ishowo

In the jungle, it gets to a point the lion-king no longer retains its usual strength, especially when old age sets in; but the king of the jungle will forever wants to retain its dignity. That’s why it’s the lion, that’s why it’s the king of the jungle. Lion will always be lion, no matter what. This explains why the lion-king has completely distanced himself from the current shenanigans in the Kwara-jungle.

This is what the Lagos-hyena and the Kwara-jackal failed to realise when they attempt to invite the lion-king to a feast prepared with poison. The lion-king knows better and therefore excused himself. He realised that the Kwara-jackal has failed woefully in his responsibility to manage his jungle and its predators, who are prepared to humiliate the lion-king. Of course he won’t let this damage what is left of his image; hence, the abandoning of the incompetent jackal to his fate.

As a result, the jackal quickly announced to cancel the feast without consulting the hyena, who is desperate to use the occasion of feasting together to renew his lost strength. The hyena became furious and insisted that the feast must be held; even when it’s quite clear that the rodents of the jungle are reluctant to participate. He quickly arranged to import rodents from neighbouring jungles with the jungle’s resources so that the turnout would be impressive. This is the usual self-deceit the lion-king tried to avoid. He had always known that the hyena is wasteful and treacherous. He didn’t need to be told the bad intentions of the duo– hyena and the jackal. Nothing good has ever come out of them. At the moment, the jungle is in a state of bewilderment, as the mobilised rodents from the neighbouring jungles are confused.

As the jungle awaits arrival of the mobilsed rodents from neighbouring jungles, the following questions beg for answers. Would the occasion of the feast restore the lost dignity of the jackal and compel the rodents to forgive his perpetual disappointments and give him second chance? Isn’t this a clear indication for the hyena to realise that the jackal means nothing to the lion-king and the rodents in his jungle? Is it not time the hyena saw that his ambition to rule the larger jungle is not supported by the lion-king and therefore a mission dead on arrival? Time will tell.

The ragged-man dancing at the thick of the night will soon realise his foolishness when the day breaks.

Abdullateef Ishowo is the Director of Media & Communications, PDP Presidential Campaign Management Council, Kwara state

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