Open Letter to Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq

Engr. Abdulraheem Kehinde

Dear AA,

It is already late, do not endanger the lives of your people because you want the President to commission a project on his visit. Kwarans have the patience to wait for their completion.

Few weeks ago, at the Campaign Council inauguration of a Senatorial candidate of your party, you said you have not commissioned projects because the past administration were owing debts. That was the explanation you gave in your defense, will such excuse not make sense to President Muhammadu Buhari too when he visits your state? Why are you rushing and running around to put our people in danger to please the President?

The President himself along with his Chief Executives in relevant agencies have been at the fore front of advocating for quality construction practice. May I remind you that the Bureau of Public Procurement under the Presidency has in the six months taken this advocacy across MDAs to ensure compliance and brining everyone on board, because Nigeria is aspiring to have quality construction that can withstand a century. This rush hour attitude is a violation of President Muhammadu Buhari’s dream and his aspiration in the construction industry. No way these projects will stand the test of time with the pressure on the workers and contractors to deliver earlier than scheduled, you want to work them to death? Are you building a pyramid like the Pharaohs that you will sacrifice thousands of people if necessary?

May I remind your Excellency that if your administration had prioritised excellence above excuses and blame games for about four years, you will need not to be running around to save face in front of your colleagues. You want them to kneel before Kwarans like they did for Yahaya Bello in Kogi, begging citizens of Kogi to vote him despite knowing he didn’t deliver. Is kneeling whenever you fail now the culture of APC as a party?

The first thing that people expect out of President Buhari’s mouth when he comes to Kwara is to beg the people of Kwara and admit that you were never a representation of his ambitions or aspirations for the country. You were at no pace with the moves of the President any moment. May I remind you that President Buhari resolves on local government autonomy was not shared by you; despite boasting of sharing long history with him?

Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, you need to calm down and digest your failures in administrating the state, concede and seek redemption. Do you even think people are not watching or Kwarans are that gullible to know that this rush hour project completion is not for them but to safe your face?

…. before you kill us all with your incompetence, we are begging you to do it slow and steady. Let these projects follow standard professional requirements and let the time of their completion be as earlier scheduled. Was the plan not to have ongoing projects and scam people into voting you for another term in order to complete them?

President Buhari’s coming changed everything overnight?

Engr. Abdulraheem Kehinde

14th January, 2023

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