APC Admits Kwara Has No Projects to be Commissioned by Buhari

The height of shamelessness was revealed on Friday, 13th of January, 2022 through the spokesperson of Kwara APC campaign council, Oyeyemi Olasumbo Florence in a statement titled “President Buhari will be back to commission different projects in Kwara”.

Having been alerted about the mischievous plans of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to use the president to launder his overwhelmingly poor image, by deceiving President Muhammad Buhari to commission uncompleted projects, the presidency may have signalled their disapproval of plans to commission any project.

After hours of brainstorming on strategies to cushion the incessant embarrassment the APC led administration in Kwara has brought upon itself, they decided to come up with a half-witted narrative that the president is solely coming to flag-off APC campaign rally and will return to Kwara to commission projects hoping that they would have bought enough time to hurriedly get any project done.

Unfortunately for the APC, the press statement not only exposed the present administration as a cabinet of simpleminded individuals but also an association of people bereft of critical thinking. How else will you explain being proud to tell the public that after 44 months in office, there is no single project commissioned yet or available to be commissioned?

So even if they are somehow able to hurriedly put a project together in the 45th month, do they think Kwarans will consider worthy of reelection, an administration who never provided them with any project to be benefitted from up until the month when another election is to be conducted? What exactly then are the dividends of democracy Kwarans enjoyed from Abdulrahman’s first 3 and half years in office?

For us in PDP, we value the lives of Kwarans above politics, this was why we cautioned the Abdulrahman-led Government from misinforming the President to abruptly commission an uncompleted project thereby putting the lives of Kwarans in jeopardy. Life and politics are both important and interconnected as there will be no politics without life and vice-versa, we in the PDP however place more premium on the life of every Kwaran than the politics of deceit being played by the Abdulrahman led APC Government.

In the world of politics and governance, the best way to silence your opponents is to respond with results. However, it is quite unfortunate and a cause of great concern to Kwarans that a ruling party that was challenged on their lack of any significant project after almost 4 years in office could only respond with name-calling, personality attacks rather than show workings with their result on the issues raised.

Kwarans have taken note of how Kwara APC have decided to engage in a naked masquerade dance at the market square hence, come February 25th and March 11th, our people will rightfully vote them out so that they can be rested in a place where the appropriate treatment can be applied on them.


Lawal Akanbi Sharafadeen
Director Media, Kwara State PDP Campaign Council.

14th January, 2023

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