The Kwara state Peoples Democratic party (PDP) are again vindicated by the purported press conference of the National Association of Kwara state Students. (NAKSS).

The leadership of the National Association of Kwara State Students NAKSS National Headquarters has passed a vote of no confidence on the Executive Governor of Kwara State Mal. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, saying the Governor lacked the capacity to move the state forward. We at the PDP have consistently repeated this to Kwarans over the last years. Now as we draw close to the 2023 general elections, more and more Kwarans are beginning to see the inept and incompetent kwara All Progressives Congress (APC) regime led by Mal. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq in their bizarre true light.

Kwarans should please take note of each paragraph of the statement by the NAKSS leadership.

President of the National Association,
Abduahi Abdulkadri Wokili reportedly said and we quote;

“Kwara has remain stagnant in terms of security, economic, education and infrastructural developments”.

We at the PDP have said the same on numerous occasions, after considering the fact that this unfortunate Kwara APC regime had raked in close to half a TRILLION NAIRA revenue in just over three years in office, yet there isn’t a single completed or commissioned landmark project to showcase for the huge funds accrued to Kwara state. All we see as achievements of this abysmal APC regime are a phantom pictures of renovated State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) schools in each local government. The same phantom renovated SUBEB schools that purportedly costed Kwara state over Fourteen Billion Naira (N14B), that the Kwara APC regime has refused to provide a comprehensive list, location and Bill of Quantities (BOQs) for, in the last two years.

The NAKSS president, Wokili said the Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazak-led regime has taken the state backward, as a result of unfulfilled electoral promises, coupled with the lack of administrative skill to pilot the affairs of the state. We at the PDP wonder how Kwarans expect someone with a questionable West African Examination Council (WAEC) Ordinary level results, to be able to successfully pilot the affairs of Kwara state.

According to the NAKSS president;

“It’s on record that NAKSS National Headquarters (NHQ) under my leadership has severally met with the Executive Governor of Kwara state to convey the yearnings and aspirations of the entire Kwara State students studying home and abroad however, it’s so pathetic that nothing positive and progressive has been done towards promoting the welfare of our members.”

We at the PDP emphatically say that, Kwara state students aren’t the only group of Kwarans that were scammed by the false promises of the Kwara APC regime, led by Mal. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq.

We at the PDP are doubly vindicated and satisfied by the statement below purported by the NAKSS during their press conference;

“Lack of transparency in the disbursement of bursary unlike the previous governments. It’s so pathetic to note that the government has not disclosed the amount released for the payment of bursary. The method adopted in payment was not only deceiving but also denying of student’s right.”

The unfortunate kwara state APC regime has refused to sign the Freedom of Information bill (FOI) with the conniving and tacit support of the rubber stamp, Kwara state House of Assembly (KWHA) for almost four years in office. How can an average Kwaran ask questions about how his/ her patrimony is being spent?

The NAKSS also noted that poor infrastructure facilities at the state owned institutions as a result of poor funding which has led to industrial action by COEASU and problem of salaries payment in Kwara State University, Malete.

The NAKSS president also purportedly said and we quote;

“In addition, incessant increment of school fees and poor welfare condition for students. Nonchalant attitude of the Government over the past 3 years has become unbearable as it resulted to poor academic performance of students across board”.

The previous Government of Alh. Abdulfatah Ahmed, slashed tertiary institutions school fees, whereas the current draconian APC regime led by Mal. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, drastically increased school fees after promising during the campaigns pre 2019 elections, to reduce all tertiary institutions fees to twenty thousand naira (N20k) accross board.

Another paragraph within the NAKSS statement to consider is;

“Basic and foundational education became very expensive in Kwara State as the state government can no longer augment the payment of WAEC and NECO again unlike other states governments”

The above statement by the NAKSS negates the consistent false narratives by the incompetent Kwara APC regime that education got better on their watch. The previous administrations of Dr. Abubakar ‘Bukola Saraki (CON) & that of Alh. Abdulfatah Ahmed are on verifiable record to have paid WAEC and NECO fees for Kwara state students during their tenures, even on a lower federal allocation and lower internally generated revenue.

In addition to the above, NAKSS also stated that;

“Poor payment of salaries of the teachers alongside lack of proper welfare.”

The above statement put to rest the consistent false chant of the failed and incompetent kwara APC regime and their E-rats, that their unfortunate regime “pays civil servants salaries as at when due”.

Wokili, the NAKSS president maintained that it was safe to concluded that the APC led government in the state has no roadmap for the development of the state.

Another statement of note within the purported press conference statement of the NAKSS is;

“The association as a matter of duty owed to indigent students of the state across the world and as critical stakeholders in the state, believed that the current governor can not take the state to the promise land and as such not fit to be re-elected for a second term”.

In conclusion, we at the PDP totally agree with the purported press conference by the NAKSS, we have repeatedly said that the Kwara state APC regime led by Mal Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is a failure and an aberration to governance in kwara state.

We hereby exhort Kwarans to vote for PDP accross board in the fast approaching 2023 general elections. As noted by the NAKSS, the past Government where PDP held sway, performed much better than the arrogantly narcissist and pathological lying kwara APC regime in all ramifications. Kwara state will do better by not voting for another untested candidate from an untested political party, to avoid getting the APC regime type of catastrophe, unleashed on kwara state, ever again.

God bless Kwara state. Amen.

Lawal Akanbi Sharafadeen.

Director Media, Kwara State PDP Campaign Council.

Thursday,12th January 2023.

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