Kwara Central: Caesar’s Death, Cicero and Anthony’s battle for supremacy


Salaudeen Lukman

Until recently, I didn’t know what the loss of Dr. Bukola Saraki did to Kwara Central, not until few days ago that the polity got heated up via the exchange of letters between the two leading candidates for Senator in Kwara Central. Those who murdered Julius Caesar as Dictator of Rome didn’t know it was the death of their Republic, and what would eventually lead to a new era in shaping them as people. In Roman Republic, the people hardly suffered, and the evils of politics were restricted to the top players, it never got to the public. Unfortunately, just not so long after Julius Caesar (Bukola Saraki) was politically murdered by his own people despite years of dedication and public service, including moments of bringing glory to Rome (Ilorin), what his enemies saw was a growing man that needed to be stopped, if not he would go on to become the King. A King in Roman Republic? God forbid that day says Roman Senators, but they woke up to an Empire, not a Republic, for Julius himself was a pure representaion of the Republic, he had his shortcomings, but the Republic died with his assassination.

Cicero (Bolaji Abdullahi) is a victim of his intelligence. Perhaps, he is so hated for it. On many occasions, he allegedly made moves against Julius Caesar they say, he felt they were justified they defended, but it is politics, there is no justification but excuse. There is equally no side that is right, everyone is perhaps burying their hypocrisy, but must unite for common goal. However, he was never part of the assassination plot that politically killed Julius Caesar. Of course, it is right for the soldiers to question if he was sympathetic toward plots and machinations that handed the past defeat, Cicero has no right to be angry or not accommodate the soldiers either, except he is yet to adjust to politics; not adjusting will further solidify the suspicion of the soldiers on his true intentions.

However, the truth remains he never participated in that defeat – that is what this writer believes without dismissing anyone’s suspicions or sentiments. I agree that Cicero is not without his sins or mistakes, but are they quick to forget moments he threw everything away to fall in line? He is not an enemy! Cicero so much loved Rome. In fact, majority of his writings and oratorical contributions assisted the Renaissance of Europe and assisted in shaping the ideas of administration and politics. No one in PDP can deny Bolaji Abdullahi’s inputs in the administration he served in the past, either at the State or National level. Although, whether he is loved by Romans remains a question begging for answers? We can’t say for sure, but everyone knows for certain that he loved Rome whole heartedly and strived to be a perfect representation of her values.

There is Mark Anthony (Saliu Mustapha) who is an supposedly an ally of Julius Caesar during his numerous battles until his murder. After Caesar’s Death, he aspired to carve his own political fortune in Rome, but Cicero was quick to become his enemy – for the triumvirate formed by Mark Anthony, Octavian and one other lacked the vision of what Gaius, Pompey and Julius Caesar envisioned for Rome. However, Mark Anthony is not only rich, he exploited and bandited his supposed relationship with Julius Caesar and continues to use that to his advantage. Hence, leaving Cicero no weapon(s) to fight him except his pen and mouth. Saliu Mustapha may not realise the consequences of Bolaji Abdullahi’s letter and his eventual withdrawal from exchanging ideas, for that letter attracted a wide audience in Kwara Central and beyond.

Let me press further that Cicero won and succeeded in making Mark Anthony enemy of the public with his writings and speeches. Afterall, Mark Anthony was a war general, while Cicero understood clearly that wars are fought with swords, but politics are fought with words. Reason more why Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi’s letter were transliterated to Yoruba on radio stations.

Here is the twist, Mark Anthony had a return game, and succeeded in tricking the triumvirate into killing Cicero. He joyfully severed the head that thinks, and the hands that wrote against him and hanged them on the street of Rome, eventually the sword had its way. Unfortunately, Cicero truly died, but the alliance of Mark Anthony fell and people soon realised that Cicero is an intellectual martyr and they shouldn’t have allowed him to die, for he definitely was never an enemy of the Republic. He just wanted the Roman Republic to live and that died with Julius Caesar.

PDP stakeholders have a choice to make, for Julius Caesar himself spared Cicero many times because he appreciates his intellect. Can they be wiser than Julius himself? Even Mark Anthony’s allies argued for two days straight that Cicero is not an enemy of the public and has made as much contributions with his intellect to the Roman Republic as Anthony did with his swords. Kwara Central citizens have a decision to make, for Roman people lived to regret Cicero’s death, they found themselves in turbulent times until some years after, after the Republic died before stability found its way back to Romania. Ilorin people have the chance to avert their Cicero’s death.

For Mark Anthony later betrayed the Roman people and fathered children with Cleopatra of Egypt. He used the Roman people, exploited Julius’ death, but he was never loyal to them, he was and has always been loyal to his feelings.

We don’t need to like Cicero so much, but we must ask if he is competent, capable, experienced. There lies our choice to let our Republic die or save Cicero and ensure he lives, for he is loyal to Rome.
Bolaji Abdullahi remains the most competent man we have in Kwara Central today. Who knows, tomorrow we may see Nicolo Machiavelli, but today, Bolaji Abdullahi is the best fit for the job.

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