By Faruq Atofarati

BOLAJI Abdullahi, SOLIU Mustapha. Both are impresarios in their fields. As such, one is an accommodating man. As vigilant to humanity as a cat to steal cream. A rarer man whom did steer humanity but known are his faults, and that makes him a man. The other, his words are bonds, his oaths are oracles; his love sincere, his thoughts immaculate; his tears pure messengers sent from the his heart; so is his cause, his heart as far from fraud, as heaven to from earth. Bolaji’s big idea is something to be proud of. Soliu Mustapha’s impact is also needed. So both gave a gentle, positive nudge to our community. I haven’t found enough of Shakespeare’s art to describe them.

But it continues…

We have reasons to cool our raging motions, our carnal stings, our unbitted lusts. Whatever debate there is between the two is merely an admiration for generosity and a massive shift from intellectual capacity. It’s not an opinion. One is not a well-known laurel outside the bank. Bolaji is as important as fuel is to a car. Although he has his own hours of philanthropic gratification, But for the Senate?
Philanthropy aside, the intellect needed to steer the Senate aside, now that we are trying hard not to “elevate the poverty of the people.”

So, this essayist is not saying anybody is everything. Before love for personality cripples our community, the Kwara’s image, Soliu Mustapha is a factor in our community’s conscience, hence, the “Turaki” title. Bolaji Abdullahi, who is not a colorful hero in the art of philanthropy but has pulsing antecedents in this arena, has the capacity, competence, and intelligence to proceed to the Senate. The bland hero is Turaki.

Each one, each designated functions. 

We admire Soliu Mustapha for what he has done in the community. The trajectory of his philanthropy is as colorful as a rainbow. Adorned like molten lava, he’s wealthy. But Bolaji’s antecedence is not a myth, there’s no debate on his intellectuality, capacity, and competence; the debate is over his accommodating personality, and the Senate does not need that. First, it needs the enthusiasm of someone with great experience and bluntness. Lastly, it is the first.

Soliu Mustapha is truly a philanthropist, but his lack of antecedence in the arena has presented him as impossible in the fight for the Senate. It’s not; it has never been the obligation of the Central to repay him back with such sensitive seat.

So, while Bolaji is suffocating the possible arenas to make the Senate colorful, Soliu Mustapha soars in extravagance and personality. But separating a politician from celebrities can be easy, except for the Central people. 

Bolaji Abdullahi rose to the occasion, not from the backdoor. As a former commissioner, as a formal minister with wanton reference. What the Central might be plunging into is rebellion against capacity and competence for community philanthropists’ obsession. As though, making the up-and-coming election a performative pity to compensate Soliu Mustapha. 

The debate between the two shouldn’t have existed. The version should have swerved into a distinct part. What Mohammed Ali is to boxing and what Pele is to football.

However, the people must admit that philanthropy does not make a good representation. It’s a simple antics to grace the political occasion and we are seeing it. It’s happening. It’s however, a different case if both were eloquent.

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