Olota Abdulsomad

It is said that a dying horse can manage to engage in some kicks. These kicks may be dangerous, but they don’t last long. Gradually, they become weaker and weaker until the horse finally gives up. For the purpose of this piece, the horse I’m talking about is Governor Abulrahman Abdulrazaq. One must however, beware of the last kicks of a dying horse because when the animal knows that it is dying, it gets a surge of adrenaline from the fear which makes its last kicks to be the strongest and most dangerous. At this moment, one must distance himself from such dying animal because the last kicks are always characterized by dangers, manipulation and violence.

The political activities that have recently unfolded in the camp of Gov. Abdulrahman can be termed as the last kicks of a failed administration because the Governor no longer enjoys the majority support of the citizens, and as a result, he is now engaged in very dangerous, mischievous, manipulative and hilarious moves which are detrimental to our highly valued democracy and rule of law.

Firstly, Governor Abdulrahman mischievously demolished Dr Olusola Saraki’s Ile Arugbo building with reasons known to the public other than vendetta. Surprisingly, he gave Posthumous Award of outstanding contribution to the development of Kwara state to the same man he demolished one out of his many legacies that reminds people of what Baba Saraki lived for. What kind of contradictory act is that? AA should be advised to stop manipulating himself!
Also, he gave similar award to late Governor Muhammad Alao Lawal, a man whose administration he outrightly condemned in the recent video released by his self-branded “data boys”. Such an unwise move to save face in the last minutes.

Governor who spent almost all his time playing “hide-and-seek” despite the public outcries now suddenly appears everywhere doing “stand up comedy extravaganza” almost twice or more every week. Who convinced him that Kwarans will fall further for his tricks? Although, we can’t deny his efforts and commitment at making the public laugh more with his comics, not less than that of Jembete and Lagunogo show. To make people laugh, they resorted to putting on a long rope as tie, Governor AA has also been seen wearing different shades of shoe on both feet in public. What a better way to remind us of the good old days of those creative comedians.

A particular writer compared Abdulrahman’s outburst at the inauguration of Saliu Mustapha campaign council to the story of Itu Baba Ita by Gbenga Adeboye. Listening to Itu Baba Ita again, I realized that the story is not only related but Governor Abdulrahman himself is comparable to Itu Baba Ita, a man who was callous, devilish and troublesome but wants people to see him as a Messiah who should be applauded. Interestingly, Gov. AA took his own further by his constant speech full of claptrap, lies and bitterness not only against others but himself. He claimed that N1.5bn UBEC fund was mismanaged and led to Kwara State being blacklisted. Away from exonerating Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki who has nothing to do with his allegation. Abdulrahman should be reminded that the reason why Kwara was blacklisted is because the government then defaulted from paying N450m UBEC fund. Reasonable Kwarans wonder where Abdulrahman got his figure of N1.5bn from. He should have kept his mouth shut and said “O sapa mi lori” as he is now fond of saying.

Also, he alleged that the allocations received from 2015 to 2019 is more than what his administration has received so far. Abdulrahman can be excused for two reasons: he made that reckless statement probably because he was never a Kwaran who lived in Kwara, hence, his ignorance of what was obtainable in the country during that period; or the impostors he surrounds himself with failed to prepare him with facts before that outing. He boasted to bring out documents to back up his claims. Kwarans like myself who can’t just be wheedled with his comic show are challenging Abdulrahman and his aides to bring forth such documents to prove their claims and show Kwarans that, they are not liars and comedians. Neither lies nor comedy can save him from being massively voted out of Kwara state government house come 2023.

The Administration of Governor Abdulrahman has always been accused of many misappropriation, violation of court orders, maladministration, spending without receipts, billions of taxpayers money unaccounted for, among other accusations but instead of providing good answers to the many criticisms, the Governor chose to threaten his critics, made unguarded statements and lied against those who are neither in government nor on the ballot contesting today. But regardless of his comical effort to divert public attention, the questions raised by the critics are still left unanswered.

He may expect Kwarans to applaud him for the needless appointments of the youths (credible or not) in to many offices that have been vacant for years just like Itu Baba Ita wants applause after renting house to a tenant with an unbearable terms and conditions. Kwarans are not fools as he thinks, we all understand that it is just Governor expanding his campaign council. The appointees should as well equip themselves and avoid throwing all their eggs in one basket for, winter is coming.

The Governor, out of desperation to retain power bypassed his own political party due process during primary, a scandal which has resulted to many bigwigs leaving the party and making some who have not left yet to publicly denounced him and branded his administration with mediocrity. In an attempt to achieve his own private agenda, he initiated many projects he knew his administration could not finish in their remaining days in office just to cajole people who are already expressing their frustration at his tenure as Kwara Governor into voting him again come 2023. Good people of Kwara can see through this reckless gesture of Abdulrahman to retain power. It indeed comes as no surprise to many Kwarans because it sure is the last dangerous kicks of a dying horse.

Now that the lost evangelist’s deaf can hear, dumb can speak, he has resorted to giving us free concert of stand up comedy extravaganza as his last days in office draws nearer. Kwarans should however distance themselves from his manipulative, reckless and dangerous kicks and enjoy the free show from afar.

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