A Yaman PDP Administration will tackle our numerous security woes in Kwara State

By: Abdulwahab Funsho

The primary duty of every Government is to protect the lives and properties of the people. This is the bedrock of every Government System. It becomes easier for a leader to think of other ways to improve the welfare of his people once security is ensured and assured.

The truth of this statement can’t be seen in Kwara State presently.
Alhaji Shuaibu Yaman in a recent programme at Harmony Radio, Station, Efura, Idofian, was asked how he will tackle and end the lingering security challenges of the state, and spoke from points of experience and Knowledge: “I am an advocate of state Police. When we were young, there was something we called Native Authority (NA) Police, who were the Local government and also the provincial Nigeria Police. The NA Police knew everyone in the locality to the extent that if a new person comes in to the area, they would are.”
Alhaji Yaman definitely has the willingness, experience and knowledge to carry on from the legacies of Dr. Bukola Saraki and Alhaji AbdulFatah Ahmad. Similarly in a recent dialogue with yours sincerely, SY, as some of his close associates call him is more prepared than many people thought.
After a lengthy discussion on agricultural sector revamping and it’s numerous ways on creating wealth down the ladder of the citizens he went into security and how the current administration has woefully failed. He bemoaned kidnappings, killings, cultism and all other forms of societal vices that have ravaged our State since the coming of the current administration. Unlike what we have today, in our discussion, Alhaji Yaman said he would rather focus on prevention and possible solution to the woes, if by chance they might occur in the future.

Alhaji Shuaibu Yaman asserted that the lives of the citizenry and their valuables will be the bedrock of his administration. The administration will see to the welfare of the security agents in a bid to stimulate and encourage them to work patriotically. On the other hand he would provide the needed tools with the aide of technology to help in their fight against insecurity and all other forms of criminalities.

In a very impressive manner backed by clear understanding, Alhaji Yaman related how the worsening security situation of our State is connected to youth unemployment and drug abuse amongst others. In our streets and communities within the metropolis and other part of Kwara, inhalation of intoxicants has become order of the day by the youths which in turn is culminating to vices and other forms of criminality leading to breakdown of law and order and also threatening the security of the state. He said confidently that the art of governance is not rocket science and promised a robust relationship between his administration and the drug law enforcement agencies to curb drug addiction and it’s menaces the bearest minimum.
He further reiterated how brilliantly the Dr. Bukola Saraki’s administration took insecurity from the peak as at when he was sworn-in to it’s lowest level. Dr. Saraki’s achievements in curbing cultism in Kwara State still remains sterling with the introduction of Ogidan a fine police officer who specializes in tracking down cultist and suspected criminal activities, his operations then cleaned our higher institutions of learning of cultist clashes.
Likewise, He endorsed how The Alhaji AbdulFatah Ahmad’s administration introduced community policing and had a robust relationship with community heads, mogajis, chairmen landlord associations who worked together with security agents to fish out bad eggs in the communities.

The Governorship candidate said that Kwara, a peaceful and harmonious state has now become the den of kidnappers, to the extent that kidnappers that terrorists has built camps at Okoolowo, Olooru, Ekiti, Kaima and other parts of the state. This administration in it’s nonchalant attitude has treated insecurity with kid gloves which explains why the number of kidnapping in the State has significantly risen beyond words”.

Alhaji Yaman further stated that his “wide experience in administration and rich intelligence in governance will be of great use in moving our State from its current deplorable situation to a fast growing economy in Nigeria as we have the resources, we have the human capacity. What is left is the right leadership to connect the dots and fix the State as opposed to the current mediocre Governor who prioritizes winning reelection and pointing blaming fingers to discharging of his statutory duties”

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