FG panel reviewing workers’ salaries, says Ngige

To counteract the effects of the high inflation rate, the Federal Government promised to provide salary increases for civil and public officials soon.

The Presidential Committee on Salaries is already conducting a review, according to the administration, and salary adjustments are anticipated in the coming year.

After a private meeting with the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret.), at the Aso Rock Villa in Abuja, the Minister of Labor and Employment, Chris Ngige, revealed this to State House reporters.

When asked if he and the President had considered wage increases in light of the rising inflation, he responded:

“Yes, that’s what I am saying that the Presidential Committee on Salaries is working hand-in-hand with the National Salaries Incomes and Wages Commission. The commission is mandated by the Act establishing them to fix salaries, wages, and emoluments in not only the public service.

“If you want their assistance and you are in the private sector, they will also assist you. They have what is called the template for remuneration, for compensation. So if you work, you get compensated, if you don’t work, you will not be compensated.

“So they have the matrix to do the evaluation, so they are working with the Presidential Committee on Salaries Chaired by the finance ministry and I’m the co-chair to look at the demands of the workers. Outside this, I said discussions on that evaluation are going.”

When asked if a deadline had been set for implementing the new compensation rise, he responded:

“As we enter the new year government will make some pronouncements in that direction.”

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