By Faruq Atofarati

It was in fact a few months ago that a Kwara State High Court issued an order restraining the Kwara State Government from continuing to trespass on the parcel of land pending the determination of the substantive suit. How can this essayist remind Kwarans that Artee Group is the owner of Spar in Nigeria? That the group initiated five projects at about the same time across the country, but only the Kwara project at the old amusement park was frustrated? Who is to blame for an underdeveloped Kwara, Kwarans?

Abdulrazaq is groaning in pain over his failure. A simple “Buga” steppings revealed his grey hairs, and it simply reminded me of Nishan Panwar, “Age is simply the number of years the world has enjoyed you.” It simply doesn’t accumulate into wisdom. That’s for in fact, accepting to be dementia plagued in public. 

“Toyin Saraki” vexes the ears of this drowsy man and his irate political mob. It rings twice as loud as a church bell, and it gives him nightmares better than his own bleached life credentials.

For the consistent irascible mob of Abdulrazaq, the best time to lie was 2019, the second best time is today. First, they say, “How could she have danced “Buga”?” It was like a call to order, a reminder. It gave a dismissive attitude. They don’t exist in developmental topics. Then the narrative took a turn: “You seek to kill me for telling you the truth.” Jesus said to the Jews. Toyin Saraki should ask Abdulrazaq, why?

His failures are enough. He wants to use Toyin as a cover. After all, I have never seen a man whose girthy man part stands strong at the sight of a woman’s name.

It was a dance video; the truth of the matter was said, and every piece of counter “propaganda” kissed the dust on arrival. Amusement park for a 100m naira, amusement park? 

It is not easy to be a Toyin Saraki, Abdulrazaq needed a coordinated attack from his irate, half-witted, inconsequential mob to put Kwarans yet on a global platform as daft, backward and retard. Apart from being scarily charged at women, Abdulrazaq and his litany of non-thinking followers should be likened to the Chibok girls’ attackers. They overcharge at women.

For those who have their psychological thrills charged, if Toyin did buy the amusement park, why is her name not in the statement of defense in court?

Abdulrazaq is simply a pathological liar who’s obsessed with Saraki’s wife. A man with puny potential and credentials. A leader of scoundrels who speaks elegantly on failures.

Have we taken time to ask if he has been diagnosed with mythomania?

Another issue is that Abdulrazaq knows Toyin would make mincemeat of him at the court, so every time a lawyer was sent to the court, he pushed for adjournment of the case. This essayist says Abdulrazaq is a coward who hides in the buildings built by Saraki to launch attacks on him.

Those hopeless media minions who had grudges against Saraki have come back with recharged energy to ruin whatever’s left. There are documents that have vindicated this essayist and the subject. 

Why is Abdulrazaq’s masculine voice only heard about women and not his achievements? If an ordinary dance video could send him running helter-skelter to propagate lies, what would an assessment of his entire four years have him doing?

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