“We Have Gone Beyond Ideas”: An Unguarded Statement Made By A Charlatan


Olota Abdulsomad

“Not everyone that helped you actually meant well for you, some of these people are opportunists that hide the truth and keep the options for the achievement of the purpose” Deborah Nwakwesili

The above quoted statement perfectly suits our Mallam, Saliu Mustapha, APC Kwara Central Senatorial candidate who has branded himself as a philanthropist, but obviously for a concealed purpose.

There’s a jingle that has consistently been playing on one of the popular radio stations in Kwara state, the jingle sings praises of Mallam for having fulfilled promises he made by himself. I initially did not have any reservation about it because I also believed it’s a commendable act until I continued to hear it over and over again for many weeks and counting. Is this truly a philanthropical act? As a Muslim, I queried.

In chapter 2, verse 271 of the Holy Quran, Allah (SWT) says “…..if you conceal them [your charitable expenditures] and give them to the poor, it is better for you” this indicates that, giving charity secretly is better than doing so openly, because it further saves one from (Al-Riyaa) boasting/showing off which is counter productive. Qur’an 31:18 says “Allah doesn’t love the arrogant and boasting ones.” As a Muslim that Mallam is, I expect him to stop the continuous puffery if he wasn’t behind it but it turns out that, he enjoyed it.

The height of it was during the inauguration of his campaign council yesterday where he was quoted to have said that, “Ours is to make impact, we have gone beyond idea. Somebody can continue to shout big ideas”. Even if a layman is being asked of what impact Mallam has made in the society, he will answer, he gives money, splurges money and spends money. That has always been his impact.

The serious concern in this, is Mallam taking spending or philanthropical acts as requisites for legislative function. Even Olamide Badoo has a record of philanthropy. Some Yahoo boys in fact built mosque and help the poor. Splurging money does not require special skills, you only need to do since you have the capacity.

Likewise, anybody can have an idea. Every human being has had an idea including a madman on the street. So, going beyond an idea as Mallam said simply means running out creativity, innovation and plans on what next to do. But, what does it mean to have a big idea?

Having big ideas is not something every random person can do. It requires foresight, creativity, innovation, ability to proffer solution to immediate challenges without compromising the future, experience and ability to think among others necessary skills to be able to have big ideas. It’s funny that we still need to explain to an aspiring legislator that idea is a plan, thought or suggestion about what to do and not what you are already doing. No wonder Mallam was once mocked for branding a campaign office as constituency office. May we not have another AA at the senate.

Governor Abdulrahman who continues to make it big in comedy industry was also quoted in the same statement making mockery of his own incoherence by saying “Initially their leader (Saraki) wants to go back to Abuja by contesting for Senate but he backed down due to the entrance of Mallam Saliu Mustapha as APC candidate” the statement which is belittling of a state Governor will make one wonder through which door Mallam Saliu Mustapha entered with. “LOL”. It’s unfortunate that Abdulrahman also lacks good people around him, at least one who can quickly remind him that PDP conducted their primary election weeks before APC primary. Unless he already sealed it with Mallam behind the door and went ahead to conduct a kangaroo primary election which he used to deceive the man running up and down for him as his campaign DG, Amb. Yahaya Seriki.

Going forward, I charge Kwarans to pay attention to what these people utter in the public space because it takes numerous lies to make a single lie look like a truth, they will expose their mediocrity as they always do. Kwarans must reject them come 2023 and support all candidates with big ideas.

Olota writes from Ilorin.

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