By Abdullateef Ishowo

Our brother, Yahaya, is a man to be pitied, especially by anyone who understands what he is currently passing through. In Adewale Ademoyega’s memoir “Why we struck”, he described Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu as a reluctant rebel. A nationalist who eventually fought his beloved country in the Nigerian civil war. Like chukwuma, our dear brother is in a trance. He is because the generalissimo of Kwara has entranced him. He must do his biddings because, like Nzeogwu, he doesn’t have a choice; even though he knows the truth and would’ve done otherwise. He has shown him the basket of his immediate sorry past and our brother would not want this tape to be played. Chai! Our generalissimo might appear innocent in the glare of the public, he is mean inwardly.

If Seriki, the DG APC State Campaign Council, could face his audience and told them that the PDP gubernatorial candidate in Kwara state, Alh. Shuaib Yaman Abdullahi, would be coming to join APC few weeks to election, it only suggests two things; it’s either he’s daydreaming or fooling his candidate.

If he’s day dreaming, he would be reminding us of the Old Major in “Animal Farm” of Gorge Orwell. In his dream, he saw the fall of tyranny; giving way to the freedom of animal world. Our brother must have seen the fall of the Kwara tyrant and the emergence of Shuaib Yaman as next governor of the state in his dream. Hence, the release of the unguarded statement.

If he’s fooling his candidate, then he represents Squealer in the same novel, Animal Farm. Squealer is the pig who spreads Napoleon’s propaganda among the other animals. He justifies the pigs’ monopolization of resources and spreads false statistics pointing to the farm’s success.

He must play the Squealer role because he’s in a trance. Hence, he should be forgiven. The generalissimo is holding him by his jungular, he must breath courteously and continuously.

Abdullateef Ishowo is the Director Media and Communications, PDP Presidential Campaign Council in Kwara State.

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