Blasphemy: Kano cleric, Abduljabbar, sentenced to death by hanging

By Bashir Bello, kano

There was a heavy security presence around Kano, yesterday, as the Kano Upper Shariah Court sentenced the embattled Islamic cleric, Sheikh Abduljabbar Kabara, to death by hanging, for blasphemy.

The presiding judge, Ibrahim Sarki-Yola, sentenced the cleric to death by hanging, based on Section 382 of the Kano State Shariah Penal Code 2000.

Sarki-Yola said the section states that “whoever, by any means, publicly insult, by using words or expression in writing, verbal means or gesture, which shows or demonstrate any form of contempt or abuse against the Holy Quran or any Prophet, shall be liable to death.”

The Judge added: “Based on Section 331 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Law, ACJL, 2019, I ordered the seizure of 189 books the cleric uses for his propagation and presented before the court, during the trial. The government should transfer the books to the Kano State Library for public use.

“Similarly, based on section 332 of the ACJL, I ordered that the Kano State Government seize the two mosques of the cleric located at Filin Mushe, Gwale LGA and Jamiurrasul located at Sharada.

“Also, based on section 385 of the ACJL, I banned the use of the cleric’s teachings, ideologies, and pictures in any media outfit and whoever violates this order should be arrested and prosecuted before the court by the state government,” Sarki-Yola stated.

Earlier before the judgment was delivered, there was a mild drama in the court as the presiding Judge asked if the defence has anything to tell the court and the Defence Counsel, Aminu Ado Abubakar attempted to plead for leniency on behalf of his client, the embattled cleric, but Sheikh Abduljabbar interrupted, saying “I don’t know him. This is the first time I am seeing him. He should not be allowed to speak on my behalf. I can and should be allowed to speak for myself.

“My lord, after I heard how you twisted all my evidence, you turned all my submissions upside down, you have assigned words to me that I have never uttered.

“Deliver your judgement, and I am not asking for leniency at all. I want all my followers to know that I will die a hero and I don’t want you (the Judge) Ibrahim Sarki Yola to do me any favour or grant me leniency. This is my last word. Assalamu Alaikum,” the embattled cleric, Shiekh Abduljabbar stated.

This made the judge to order for a 30 minutes break before delivering his judgment where he sentenced the cleric to death by hanging.

Recall that Sheikh Abduljabbar was charged to court for alleged blasphemy against the Holy Prophet and public incitement in the state.

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