Happy birthday to a towering star of Kwara South, Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim

By David Titiloye

In my little years of being actively involved in politics, I have met with and had access to politicians but only Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim stands out. This is because at the heart of outstanding political leadership is empathy and a deep sense of value attached to treating people right, with Senator Rafiu Ibrahim, you see a man not trying hard to fit in or pretending to understand but a man who relates perfectly to your feelings in a manner that suggests that he has lived through the same experiences.

Well wishers and those who are obligated to hate him all agree on the fact that Senator Rafiu Ibrahim is a performer with a genuine heart for the people. Even during this campaign season, despite how mischievous politicians can be, you will hardly find anyone saying “Rafiu didn’t do anything”, they can only promise to do better than he did which is because the last person who downplayed his contributions to the development of Kwara South got to the same position and it ended up becoming a yoke on his neck because he couldn’t measure up.

There are galaxies of stars but stars shine brighter than the others because similar to all God’s creations, we are created equally but distinguished differently. Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim is one favoured and distinguished by God to be a towering star of Kwara South and Kwara state at large. A born and trained leader and an avid reader. A blessing to Kwara South.

Someone asked me what is the major weakness of Senator Rafiu Ibrahim? and I said the good he does off camera is 10 times what you see him do on camera and it bothers me how the good of a politician goes underreported but as a believer I understand why because it is exactly how God advised us to do good. I’m a beneficiary of your goodness and will never shy away from telling that to the world.
I support Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim not because I feel indebted to him but because I am selfless enough to know that the best way more people can be beneficiaries of his goodness just like me is if he is giving the platform to do more.

Happy birthday to the distinguished Senator, Dr Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim, may God grant your earnest heart desires and return you as our Kwara South senator in 2023.

David Titiloye writes from Isin LGA, Kwara State

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