Commissioning Of Patigi Water Supply Scheme

he former house of rep member Hon. Aliyu Ahman Pategi received on Thursday the honorable minister for water resources Engr. Sulaiman Adamu in patigi for the commissioning of Patigi Water Supply Project Scheme.

The project which was facilitated by the former house of the representative member and was commissioned by the honorable minister is the biggest and largest water project in the history of Kwara North.

According to the experts, the water project can supply the whole of Patigi Township with portable drinking water as well as additional 20 other villages around the Patigi community.

Other communities that will benefit from the water supply scheme are namely; Ragada, Likofu, Chakegi, Gbaradogi, Kusogi, Matokun, Dagbalodo, and many more.

Hon. Aliyu Ahman Pategi has therefore been described as an icon of the Kwara North for putting an end to water hardship in his constituency.
The minister noted that access to adequate water supply, sanitation, and hygiene was part of the indices for the economic development of any nation.

The quality of the treated water from the scheme has been subjected to laboratory testing and found to be acceptable within the national and international standards for drinking water, Engr Adamu added.

The scheme had been completed to the highest level of quality with a total capacity of 5 million cubic meters per day

The water supply is well-equipped with a sophisticated chemical laboratory, four giants generators for 24/7 power supply, and offices for both administrative, engineering other staff working in the unit

Attached to the scheme are also standard and well-furnished quarters for the staff aimed at reducing the cost and stress of searching for accommodation in town or elsewhere


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