Olota Abdulsomad

Yesterday, the PDP campaign was electrifying, and energetic and sent a very powerful message across the country. Permit me to say I have traveled to over twenty states in the last seven months and Kwara remains a state of interest to political observers across the country. More surprising is the fact that the focus is on if Saraki can swing the state back to his party after losing massively in the 2019 elections.

I do tell people that if Bukola Saraki had not lost the 2019 elections, he would have certainly lost in 2023. Losing Tinubu on the ballot as a Presidential candidate would have been more humiliating, and I doubt if he would be able to forgive himself. So, I believe he (Saraki) has found strength in his loss, and once again proven he is a mature politician who is showing calculations by allowing the party to democratically select its candidate from Kwara North, very strategic! What is more pleasing to see is the fear it sends to the ruling party in the state, whose Emperor staged an arena with fake political gladiators from the opposition in the state. By now, Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq must commend my numerous messages to him that he is surrounded by flatterers and parasites. Who advised him to have that Banquet of shame defection yesterday? Especially when it was about politicians who ran out of relevance in their previous parties. Power, information, and time are elements that must be understood separately, APC continues to miss, and fake displays of strength.

Bukola Saraki is very much on ground, his structure is even stronger than ever before. They say PDP didn’t do anything in 16 years but designed Banquet Hall to receive some of its members who ran out of service and the internal reforms of the party. Pure comedy!

Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq will become more desperate, not only him, even Saliu Mustapha who initially thought he had only Bolaji Abdullahi to beat. Most importantly, the attacks on Saraki via the media will take a new shape as it has become evident that Bukola Saraki is very much on the ground than ever before. It must be anticipated. However, I feel if the ruling party is wise, rather than attack Saraki’s family, they must refocus their attacks on telling Kwarans their achievements. After all, their strongest hope is now limited to neutral and natural voters who have read more on what Bukola Saraki who left the government in 2011 failed to do, even though existing facilities and infrastructures were built by the successive PDP administration in the state.

How Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq intends to win remains a mystery, banking on people’s loyalty. For how long will it take him to realize that people and general voters are now politically unreliable than ever before and that public goodwill is like a field of reeds, it fleets away? He has wasted and exhausted his. He neither followed nor led the people of Kwara since 2019. The debt profile that surged without seeing the justification is one of the greatest upsets.

It was a great outing for the PDP, Kwara State rally was the most electrifying and solid campaign they ever did. Although shocking to me, I can’t dismiss the fact that it was the best so far.

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