AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq’s Administration: A Pathway to Kuje Prison in 2023


Dare Babatunde

Towards the end of Barrack Obama’s administration in the United States, he was at the fore front of campaign for Hillary Clinton to succeed him. Also, he campaigned for all members of his party across the United States; unfortunately, they lost the Presidency, Senate while only retaining the House with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. In 2020, Obama was once again at the fore front of campaigns delivering speeches and appealing to Americans not to lose their identity and vote out Republicans. In 2022, as the United States prepare for another election, Obama videos are surfacing again, he is campaigning for all Democrats once more. Does that mean Obama is trying to return to power in the United States?

Although, not shocking, right from inauguration the Governor announced via his actions that he can’t run a political family nor maintain peace in his own compound. So, when Saraki continuosly gets tied to Yaman, why should anyone dismiss it? The simple law of politics says if you are not strong enough, gain somebody strong. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is strong in his own accord, hence, needs nobody else. However, Yaman needs Bukola Saraki, a strong man in Nigeria’s politics. Didn’t Obama seek support of the Clintons? Few days ago, “Trump Endorsed” was trending on Twitter, some people he supported won and lost elections. Xi Ji Ping of China had his predecessor on seat when he was revoted for another term as Secretary of the Communist party, the former Brazil President who recently defeated a sitting President after exiting office since 2010 rallied political foes and friends to defeat his opponent. Okay, what of Nelson Mandela who forgave those that sent him to prison to win the Presidential election in South Africa? What is the big deal if Yaman needs Saraki, is anyone troubling Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq for standing alone? You can only define your own politics not the politics of others. It is only natural for members of same parties, especially those that delivered quality leadership to campaign for their party members hoping to get into offices. Hence, the fuss about Yaman lacking independent mind is dead on arrival.

The contradiction of ideas, opinion and basic understanding of party politics from APC in the state is not bizzare. It is pertinent to note that the agents of propaganda for this administration have run out of lies. Therefore, they are adopting the concept of repeating lies until it becomes the truth, but we will not give them such a chance again.

There are hundreds of publication out there on Shonga Farm and other critical investments of the state, repeating same lies over and over again is mischievous and not disappointing. In the last 4 years, the opposition has defended how money was expended, some were dragged to Court and got discharged, the new behaviour of repeating questions to evade accountability should not be tolerated by Kwarans. Therefore, time should not be wasted on those who have refused to get educated. Saraki borrowed money and the criticism of the projects he executed already vindicates him that he didn’t borrow for consumption but investment. It is simple economics!

Do we need to remind these people that Bukola Saraki is not on any ballot in 2023. Perhaps, the Governor is going paranoia day-by-day and disturbed by the unfolding realities, and Bukola Saraki regaining his street credibility. It may be important to remind them of their own short history as they perfect their ways into prison after the elections due to present administrative arrangements.

Kwarans should note that in 16 years of PDP, decisions were perfected and executed via Executive Council meetings and approval, total compliance with bureaucracy and administrative arrangements; that is why we could hold them accountable. Under PDP, you can trace vouchers, memos and reports of where an amount was awarded for a project or program. Today, what do we have? Today, we have a Governor who admitted publicly that he neither speaks to his appointees or workers for three months. In 4 years, aside the 2019 budget that was passed by the outgoing administration, the incumbent Governor embraced the culture of sacking cabinet members ahead of budget preparation to the State Assembly. Dear Kwarans, there is no way to trace such money, that is how crafted Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is in stealing public funds. You may wish to know that it was only in Kwara such arrangement made, not even Ortom or Hope Uzondinma who along Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq are dubbed as the sub-basement of incompetence did such in their state.

Governor Babangana Zulum in his visit to Kwara registered his amazement with the infrastructure available in the Kwara State University, it was part of Saraki’s borrowing. What we should be asking and baffled with is how 50 billion naira was borrowed on our behalf and 17 billion was kept in an unknown bank, breathing without traces and the state is servicing that debt every month? Not even in Ukraine ravaged by war could money be moved so freely and carelessly without the people asking the right questions. Yet, Saraki is the one with failed investment?

Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has perfected his way into prison, along with his appointees who award contracts to one another. Approval for contracts are granted via WhatsApp platforms and SMS like a random money. Saraki apart, this culture and management system is very insulting to us as people. These are not lies, the facts and evidences are there. UBEC received countless petitions on violation of procurement laws and bidding processes for contracts under the present administration.

Abdulrazaq must have been watching prison break, else nothing justifies his total violation of procurement laws of the state. We spoke about the ulterior motive behind Social Audit, warning the NGO partnering with the government that the standard across the world is social audit goes in line with freedom of information bill, time has proven us right as government now haords information after the NGO indicted the government of 80% atrocities in award of contract, coupled with inflation. I am more than convinced that the Governor has a pact with Kuje Prison in Abuja.

Like I said earlier, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is very uninspiring to friends, that is why so many useless publications get nod to go public, especially against Bukola Saraki. By now, he should be campaigning with what he has done, but there is none, absolutely none. Who is Bukola Saraki? Every sensible Kwaran, I repeat: every sensible Kwaran knows he is nationally accorded as the face and architect of modern Kwara. If I may ask, who is Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq? Go no further, he is a Governor with controversial O’level certificate, a jester and clown well robed in a theatre performing for his selected audience. A governor whose 2 million garment factory is is to be filled with tailors and whose Conference Center is built kilometres away from the capital. An insult to the state, who continues to ignore his own mistakes and at the tale end of his administration, appointed Flatterers who have exhausted contents under their original name.

Once again, who is Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq? A governor who is not rated by peers and colleagues, someone who has not stepped out for once to seek help where resources are concentrated in the country to hasten development like Bukola Saraki did. Conclusively, who is Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq? Nothing but an accidental Governor who can’t manage party, governance and even family members.

Kwara at the moment is not even eligible for sale on Jumia, a well regulated platform, we are placed in the black market, up for sale at giveaway price.

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