By Faruq Atofarati

Abdulrazaq wanted to part ways with his scented offal, so he called drummers and enlisted his litany of failures for the people of Ekiti Local Government to see. They pounded satires into him, but he has closed his ears.The most intriguing is his quest to clear “sixteen years of rot.” In his visit, he sat amongst honorable men and women; he has learned to brandish his failures, so he sat in his agbada, and all the audience did was listen to his boring, oftentimes prefaced with Saraki’s name, anecdotal reports. What a man! I said scented offal; Abdulrazaq and his political toddlers are playing pharisees. They are like “whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean.”

So, Abdulrazaq wanders around with the gospel of cleaning “sixteen years of rot.” Did he forget that his candidacy was a product of the chaos and rot that incinerated the sanity left in the APC? a man whose leadership caused the APC to disintegrate? A man who could not see the specks in his own eyes? a man with whom many in his administration have resigned? A garbage man who sleeps on a dung hill, eh? Abdulrazaq wanted to be generous, but he failed to comprehend the barking of the welcoming wolves’ skins, reminding him of the starvation in his household. But he instead danced to the tune. And they looked at him like a deaf and dumb while he thought he was gracing the occasion. 

Abdulrazaq, who has failed to complete a project laid out by alleging “failed administration” for over three years. So he went to Ekiti to persuade the honorable kings. He wanted to lure them into another four years of meet-and-greet when his peers are commissioning projects in remote areas of their states. He knows he has failed, so his candidacy is being sold to people based on what he wants to do, not what he has done in his first tenure. Abdulrazaq walks behind his peers, but his administration is full of metaphors he will never understand.

So, for Abdulrazaq, it’s time to admire a failure like himself and embrace ineptitude. It’s time to admire the Ekiti cuisine he didn’t develop and salivate over theirs. It’s time for him to dote on the sartorial codes of the Obas, so he promised them arrears. So Abdulrazaq, who absconded from Ekiti during the terror rampage of kidnappers, wants to soak himself in their yam flour to look like one of them. He wants to ascend on their palm wine. Abdulrazaq thought he was being generous, but a better act of generosity for him is to part ways with his seat. He has failed.

The political season has come, so we have seen a lack of competence in Abdulrazaq’s administration. We understand it’s the culmination of hate for Saraki, but it can’t nudge us into another term for him. Abdulrazaq campaigns with optics, so we must be silly to expect substance. Instead of boasting of projects, Abdulrazaq boasts of his generous visitation. He was loved until now, when he’s not loved again.

In all of these sympathetic narratives. The administration that inspired the mirage that Abdulrazaq covers himself with is the past administration. The KWASU Osi Campus he wants to campaign with is a project he has abandoned for the past three years. As such, we cannot sweep his negligence under the rug. But we admire his empty homecoming. 

We may not fault any documentary on Abdulrazaq’s administration. We understand he didn’t build any fancy architecture, and we understand he has not also built any hospitals. We understand that the garment factory has been in existence before today, and we understand that Kwara State roads are bad. The difference between Abdulrazaq and his peers is that he crawls while they have already booked flights from the “sixteen years of rot” he wants to clear. He may need to visit the Kwara state diagnostic center.

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