Osun PDP urges govt officials to return vehicles – Punch Newspapers

The Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party has called on government officials to return over 90 vehicles in their possession.

In a statement issued on Thursday, signed by the party’s
Director of Media, Bamiji Oladele, the PDP disclosed that it has in its possession official records of number of cars, jeeps and other assorted cars already shared among the officials.

The statement further read in part, “We are compiling detailed petition to be sent to the anti-corruption commissions, EFCC, ICPC and others. We are providing details of the sharing of exotic vehicles and beneficiaries.

“We have documentary proof of about 15 vehicles with the First Lady, 20 top cars with the governor’s son, and about 30 variously shared to five other top officials.Related News

“We have records of about 30 other vehicles raided from some top agencies. In RAAMP, eight vehicles including jeeps, hummer bus and others were taken away. Other cronies including a professor based in Abuja also went away with a jeep belonging to a top agency.

“We have full inventory of all the vehicles including the plate numbers, engine numbers and their state before they were shared out. We call on those holding the vehicles to return them before November 26th.”

The party then declared that from November 27, the PDP administration will ensure retrieval of the vehicles through administrative channels, anti-corruption agencies and criminal indictments.

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