By Faruq Atofarati

Abdulsomad Olota organized a funeral, which the deceased, in his naivety, refused to attend. He merely complained that his epitaph was supposed to be funny, but he absconded— he’s used to the usual rhetoric. Abdulsomad Olota damaged the left rib of Abdulrazaq; no one could feel his pain except him; even his infantile S.A. for communications, Ibraheem Abdulateef could not crawl out of his customized cradle. Has anyone ever told Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq the truth about the present Kwara?

Abdulsomad Olota ripped the “O to ge” camp into pieces. I’m sure their media minions would spend the rest of the year throwing avalanches of different spikes, but it would be too late.

I read Abdulsomad Olota’s piece; he merely advised Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq not to lose touch with his sight and better not depart from his hearings. I love the analogy of Abdulsomad Olota and his detailed exposition; however, he failed to drop the bars for his audience because the rightful owner of the piece may not comprehend. Did he even go to school?

Abdulsomad Olota buried Abdulrazaq in his naivety soil; he dug him up and x-rayed his umbilical cord and other vital organs; it wasn’t a pleasant sight for “O to ge” crooners, just like the ugly atmosphere in Tanke.

Abdulrazaq’s aides are probably gnashing their yellow teeth. I thought Abdulsomad Olota addressed a retinue of intellectual lackies; I hope they rose to the occasion to salvage the moment because it is their boss’ funeral.

In Kwara state politics, people who barely speak muffle the name of Saraki. People who couldn’t see felt the four walls of Kwasu, the diagnostic center, the aviation college, et al. But Abdulrazaq wants to expand his tentacles with lies using sixteen years of rot; unfortunately, what his tentacles touched first was the most sensitive part of Kwara state. I wonder what would be his fate after mistaking his children’s screams for praise.

Even before the column was published. Abdulrazaq’s aides were already short on responses; their erected manhoods became calm like a withered tree from Ilorin’s flower garden. What remained was an ugly sight. Abdulsomad Olota stripped them of their diseases; Abdulrazaq was diagnosed with hearing impairment and short-sightedness. I hope it’s not too late to rise at his funeral, even if it means scaring away his mourners. He should just wake up.

Abdulsomad Olota revealed the cognitive frailties in Abdulrazaq’s government. Abdulrazaq’s only mistake is asking a madman if he’s beautiful. Such an epic mistake. Except for Peter Obi, no one asks a madman for advice, or better yet, no one listens to advice from a madman.

I hope Abdulrazaq’s manhood can stand the drought he invited because he stomped on Kwarans’ rights, deliberately underperformed, and burst the speakers singing his praise such that the silence afterward made him tremble and sent streams of liquid below his pants. He should consult sensible Kwarans.

Abdulsomad Olota didn’t forget to remind us that after four good years, Abdulrazaq has no single capital project. How did Abdulrazaq transition from an insightful politician to a retired and clueless one?

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