The unconscionable reactions of Kwara state government to the PDP’s claims of highhandedness and acute corruption under Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, using an unknown entity called APC New Media to hurl slander on the personality of the Kwara PDP Spokesman, Tunde Ashaolu, is another beautiful testament that both the APC and her government are bereft of ideas required to move Kwara to prosperity and are also detached from the yearnings of the masses.

While the platform employed to issue that statements lacks the moral honour to attract attention of any serious minded person, owing to the fact that Abdulrazaq’s poor leadership of the state also affected the APC, which today, does not have define leadership. For any platform to answer the name Kwara APCNewMedia left so much to imagine wether only Abdulrazaq with his few quazy-members under Fagbemi can unilaterally claim ownership of Kwara APCNewMedia. The Government in all her outings has continued to prove Kwarans right that both the head of government and those employed to work with him are set of people who can not manage a poultry successfully let alone the over three million population of Kwarans.

For the record, the PDP and Kwarans of good conscience have been expressing their concerns over reckless borrowing embarked upon by the APC led government since 2019 despite the financially solvent state handed to them by the PDP. It must be stated that not only the PDP but other civil society groups, nongovernmental associations as well as prominent personalities have continuously condemned the decision of Abdulrazaq to borrow huge loans without any blueprints of the direction the APC government is leading Kwara state. Are they expecting well-meaning Kwarans to keep quiet while they plunge the state into dangerous debt burdens?

Abdulrazaq and APC before coming to government in 2019, promised Kwara electorates that they would make Kwara state financially bold within two years such that the state would no longer rely on allocations from federal government.

During campaigns, the APC went as far as claiming Abdulrazaq will use his experience in managing his private briefcase oil business to better the lot of the state while blocking leakages where necessary.
Even though the APC/Abdulrazaq campaigns in 2019 were built on frivolities and untrue attacks on Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki which are today clearer to kwarans, we at least expected that someone who promised financial insolvency without dependency on federal government allocations, someone who himself and his party condemned the meagre debt profile inherited from past administrations, someone who inherited an economically viable state has now borrowed loans running into three hundred billions naira and is also planning to borrow more within the space of two inglorious years in office.

For education of the public, the past administration under Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki and PDP leadership in the state, accessed N17Billions at a time the average montlhly Internally Generated Revenue of the state was below five hundred Millions naira (#500M).

The fund accessed was then used to prosecute some of the infrastructural facilities which the APC government officials and the Governor are all enjoying today. Infrastructures such as dualisation of Challenge-Offa Garage Micheal Imodu road, Post office flyover which at the time was first in North central states, constructions of Metrpolitan square where the APC shamelessly host President Muhammadu Buhari during campaign and even held the inauguration of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq in 2019, Kwara State Univeristy which today is a model in Nigeria education sector , Shonga farm , Harmony Advanced diagnosis centre, Judges quarters road , Kwara state aviation college which has graduated top airline officials in Nigeria , Kwara Football Academy , rehabilitation of Kwara Stadium Complex, reahbailitaion of state general hospitals and among other projects which today are the symbols of modern day Kwara.

I put it to Abdulrazaq and his Kwara APCNewMedia platform to tell us if all the aforementioned are not worth the N17B said to have been obtained sixteen years before this confused administration. Yet, there are other achievemnts of Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki including getting a brilliant successor in Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed who continued in the great legacies of his predecessor and delivered Geri Alimi Diamond Underpass project, IVTEC Ajase-Ipo where Senator Oloriegbe now planned to send his supporters on scholarship, water reticulation and dualisation of Sango-UITH road. We have many more to tell which if our clueless adventurist in power and their propagandists demand, I would be ready to oblidge them. Afterall, all of us are stakeholders in the project Kwara.

The poser now is that if the APC government under Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is now seeking more than N50Billions loan in less than two years of office , how much indebtness will they plunge the state into in four years of their term? Indeed, Kwara citizens have entered a one chance Taxi.
Most of the projects listed by the shameless Kwara APC New Media are white elephant projects which cannot match up to the inflow of fund into the state. How can set of uncompleted buildings be presented as products for huge billions monthly allocations as well as over two billion monthly IGR since 2019? Infact, the Visual Art Centre and Hubs  are projects that should be private sector centred as Government have no business in business except to create the enabling policies & environment for it to thrive.

So, if the government wants to prove Mr Tunde Ashaolu of PDP wrong, they ought to place all the worthless projects side by side with their costings, line budget and let’s see the benefits. The corrupt and deceptive AA government are reactionary to the real issues and have continued to fiesta lies and propaganda to the public.

It’s crystal clear that those at the saddle of our government today are bereft of any emphatic connections with the true yearnings of the people of Kwara state. Majority of them and their demi-gods who now operate government in a cult-like manner have nothing to look up to or something strong enough to give them right inspiration to keep their minds focusing on delivering good governance which gives prominence to security , health and economic progress of the state.

Sad enough, the National and state house of Assembly members elected to serve the interests of their various constituencies have been repressed while their voices have been surpressed so much that their utmost loyalty is now to the Emperor_they are so sink in the personal project of the Emperor to the extent that a federal lawmaker has been totally reduced to act as an attacking dog anytime issues linger between the emperor and other leaders of his party. The lawmakers in a bid to secure 2023 ticket had taken their sychopancy for the Emperor to dangerous level whereby they now issue statement to attack leaders of their party who may rig the partys primary elections in their favour.

No wonder the crude manner at which the already conquered Kwara Assembly assented to many loan requests from the Executive even when details of what to do with those loans and why they are needed were not communicated to them.

The APC government in Kwara today is too disconnected and preoccupied with serving the ruinous interest of their demigod than serving the state and saving it from economic deprivation. They have turned Kwara to a Shopping Mall where they trade and indivdulas elope with whatever loots he/she garners.

Ashia M Gidado writes from Ilorin.

DISCLAIMER: All views expressed on our opinion page are those of the writer and do not represent the position of NEWS DIARY NG or any of its reporters/editors.

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