On N35B Bond, Ajakaiye Missed The Point Again

By Jide Ajibade

Rafiu Ajakaiye, the Spokesperson of the Kwara State Government, in constantly trying to justify what he is paid to do, more often than not, always shows the highest level of incompetence, that is untenable of anyone in his position.

The mostly lack of quality and rigour in Ajakaiye’s thoughts and engagements, oftentimes expose the present Kwara State Government Executive Cabinet, as an assemblage of ill-educated, ill-informed, ill-exposed and inexperienced lot, that should never have had anything to do with such dignified positions, if it were not for the bar that had been lowered with the unfortunate election of the least educated Governor in the history of Kwara State – Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman.

Deploying the comparative least educated, is deliberate, because it will be my only attempt at generosity in this rejoinder, because it is common knowledge that the Governor of Kwara State Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman, is a fraud, whose only claim at education (SSCE) is contentious and contestable.

Ajakaiye, in trying to defend the government on the unholy and iniquitous N35billion bond, attempted to describe Olukayode Thomas as ignorant, by adapting the categorisation of an anonymous scholar, hear him “Quoting another scholar, I heard him categorise humans into four groups; those who know and know that they know; those who know but often forget they know; those who do not know and they readily admit that they do not know, and those who do not know and do not admit that they do not know.”

In referencing the categorisation, he attempted to lump Thomas into the fourth category, as one those who do not know and do not admit they do not know, in this case particularly about the affairs of Kwara State. Little did Ajakaiye know, that in trying to discredit Thomas, Ajakaiye exposed himself to a fifth group which I would add to the category, as someone who is in a position to know, thinks he knows but most unfortunately does not know.

Ajakaiye exposed himself, as someone who too often only read to respond rather than read to understand and learn. In any case, since Ajakaiye deliberately missed the point again, I’d take the pain to reiterate the points raised in the argument by Thomas, which represents the popular sentiment and feeling of most Kwarans.

While, it is important to admit that borrowing is not bad in itself, the purpose and process must be properly situated, clear and unambiguous. But the manner, the Kwara State government has gone about this N35billion bond, there are more than enough reason to be worried. Like Thomas and many Kwarans, I am also worried.

The issue is first about the way the process has been shrouded in secrecy and the involvement of a non-existing company to raise the bond. The connivance of the Kwara State Government with Greenland Gorwth SPV Limited – a company incorporated in March 2021 long after the approval of the bond in January, is very suspicious.

The Company – Greenland Growth SPV Limited, which has a share capital of only N1million appears to be a special purpose vehicle, created by the agents of the Kwara State Government to siphon and divert the money into private pockets.

The second issue is that of due process, nobody not even Ajakaiye can recall any day the public hearing for the borrowing was done. The approval by the Kwara State House of Assembly was hushed and too swift for anyone not to believe that there is Executive-Legislative Conspiracy.

Similarly, at the time the approval was done in January and signed, Kwara did not have an Attorney General, but Barr. Jawondo who was sacked alongside other executive members in December, signed the papers, specifically on January 11, at least 11 days after he had been sacked. The only thing that comes to my mind, with this is what is often referred to as Wuru-Wuru – the local parlance for describing corruption, fraud and malpractice.

The other issue is the capacity of Kwara State to repay this loan, at a time the state is currently repaying over N600million monthly from its share of the federal allocation. There are concerns that Kwara State may be plunged into a debt of unimaginable proportion with this N35billion bond.

It is impossible that we would seat and watch while the future of our children is mortgaged by the recklessness of a government that does not care about the people. Therefore, I am convinced just like Thomas, that the attempt by the Kwara Government to access the N35billion bond is an exercise in executive recklessness, fraud, malpractice, diversion and grand collusion.

This has also shown that at the helms of affairs in Kwara State now, are unconscionable people who are willing to sacrifice even the future of their children and generation unborn, for immediate gratification and short time enjoyment. But as always, posterity will judge all of them!

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