Stop Embarrassing Our Party, Group Cautions Abdulrazaq over false and mendacious defection scam ongoing at the Banquet Hall

The Kwara APC Integrity Vanguards, (KAIV) has expressed deep concern about the ongoing macabre dance by Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq and his advisers in the AAP group being led by one expired politician from Kwara south over plan to force erstwhile council chairmen and councillors in the state to defect, for the fourth time, to the All Progressive Congress, APC in the state.

KAIV in a statement by its State Coordinator, Alhaji Onimasa dissociates the party under the leadership of Honorable Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa, BOB, from such scandalous arrangements aimed at face saving the governor and his minions who haven destroyed every fabric of unity in the party that heralded their coming to power in 2019 are now using all crude means to do damage control.

“Our group feel so embarrassed with the ongoing arrangements at Kwara state Banquet Hall, Ilorin where former council chairmen and ward councilors were assembled by loyalists of Abdulrazaq in order to force them declare their defections to AA Group but using the APC as a decoy to hoodwink the general public. What is going on presently at Banquet hall where some of the councilors are leaving in anger raining curses on APC for bringing them to Ilorin to force them to become members of APC is unacceptable to say the least.”

“And to worsen the picture, Abdulrahman and his minions without recognizing the importance of today, being Democracy Day, when our country is celebrating decades of continue respect of human right including right to freedom of association enshrined in our constitution, are engaging in anti democratic tendencies capable of creating more hostilities for our party.”

As a group, we condemn this barbaric act in totality and call on party leadership to caution the excesses of Governor Abdulrahman before he brings down the remaining carcasses that our leaders are trying to put together.”

“It is so disgusting that while our main opposition party is busy reconciling and winning the hearts of the electorates, our Party’s image has been bastardized with the Governor’s divisiveness, corrupt, lack lustre and insensitive actions and performance across board.”

This group will not fold its arms watching the party it suffered to build crumble because of the Governor’s overbearing, as such, we are constrained to raise this alarm to all Kwarans and lovers of APC not to be hoodwinked by this false optics and narrative which is another waste of our common patrimony on the alter of seeking popularity,” the statement stated.

Signed :

Alhaji Idris Onimasa,
State Coordinator,
Kwara APC Integrity Vanguards (KAIV)

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