Gov AA Plays Cheap Politics in Kwara

…threatens 16 Suspended LG Chairmen with EFCC if they fail to decamp to APC for the fourth time

After consecutively declaring for the APC led government in Kwara three times under duress, Kwara Governor AbdulRahman Abdulrazaq, again, secretly met with the 16 local government chairmen yesterday and compelled them to hold a press conference to declare for Kwara APC again with a threat to frame them up in financial misappropriations during their tenure and submit their names to EFCC for trial.

This is coming after the governor and his team became jittery of thousands of members of the ruling APC who defected to PDP during the Baraje-led PDP Reconciliation and Engagement’s tours to all the sixteen local government areas of the state.

This development also followed a stern advice of one of the governor’s advisers, Sen. Makanjuola Ajadi, who called the governor’s attention to the adverse effects of a ruling party losing significant number of members to opposition within two years. He also advised the governor to be stage-managing decamping to make the governor look popular, saying even if it means duplicating defections.

Recall that thousands of legacy (old) APC members were led out of the party to PDP by the late Manzuma Dogo from Edu LGA during the governor’s first year anniversary.

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