Saraki: Leading His Team To The Path Of Rejuvenation

by Kwara Gong

You’ve probably heard the proverb that says “If you want to fast, go alone; if you want to go far go together.” Most often, the greatness in a great team starts from the leader, the one who sets the standards. You achieve greatness when you tap into the potential of your team.

Beyond a team manager, Saraki has grown to be a ‘coach’ politically. A coach who under his watch has a great team and knows when and how to use each player to achieve a common goal.

An insight of Saraki will make you understand what great leaders are measured with, and how they manoeuvre amidst challenges. Have you ever watched a great team in action? Especially at the end of the game? What I find interesting is that as the game progresses, the “second string” or “bench” becomes more and more important.

Down the stretch, you’re likely to see many new players enter from the bench, while the starters sit out. Only with a strong group of players on the bench, can a team consistently win. This is called depth. And every great team has great depth. This applies to all teams, ranging from sports to business, and to politics.

In Saraki dynasty, many lessons are taught and learnt on daily basis. It is an institution where everyone seems to be a goal getter. An organized structure where every member have the sense of a leader. Where people of diverse ethnicity build mutual relationship and connection in tandem with the Leader’s blueprint, just to achieve the desired result(s).

It is a well arranged team where the older generation allow the younger generation (promising young men and women) to test their potentials and ability without compromise, just to see how effective they could be if they(first eleven) of the team eventually hang the boot.

Every team needs a variety of players. A football team full of defenders doesn’t win games. In organizational teams, you need diversity in skills, experience, background, and education. Seek unity among them; bring in team members who are able and willing to complete/complement each other, rather than merely compete.

Elders in Saraki dynasty would sit, watch and support the younger ones coming behind to test their capacity. It’s a humble attitude that isn’t ill-motivated. It’s a commitment to develop the bench and equip the future of the team.

Saraki has over the years been creating an enabling environment for leaders to emerge. That can also be seen at Imam Gambari Tafsir, held in Gambari-Ilorin today, where faces of lieutenants sitting behind the Saraki changed from the old and common faces. It is another “fox” attempt by a leader to present himself as tactical before enemies and thereby, win the game with new formation 4-4-2.

While developing, encouraging and allowing leaders to emerge and contribute at every level, he’s still taking ownership and stepping up to influence others toward the win.

“People are the most appreciable asset”. This is what Saraki learnt from his late father. As an advocate of youth involvement in leadership, he doesn’t joke with the strength and value of the older generation.

The atmosphere of acceptability witnessed in Gambari area of Ilorin today, is a testimony to behold! Indeed, the current winner must not sleep with two eyes closed. Saraki is unstoppably coming back.

©Kwara Gong

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