Just like every other person reading this would love to ask himself or herself, I have asked myself this question with no
answer to it. Why is politics taking away the humanity in us? Why is our sense of reasoning withering off? Could it be a reason not far-fetched – that some of us are closer to the power that be?

Is it not strange that at this time, despite agitations from all corners, we still want to colour illegality as legality? We all pray and vie to have a better Kwara– Kwara that works for all and sundry but obviously not with these heart-irking traits

I am not asking rhetorics, I am only stating what we are presently experiencing in Kwara State.

Lest I forget, I want to use this opportunity to congratulate the illegally appointed Transmission Implementation Committee (TICs) in my dear State. I wish your bank a robust alert throughout your stay in the illegal office.

I continue to ask myself, where did we get it wrong again in kwara? We all jubilated over the victory of 2019 with the thought of having a new dawn. We never knew it is not yet Uhuru. What we have now is not even closer to the dreams longed for. We wished to be away from gross misconduct of governance but here we are again! Nothing changes, it’s even getting worse.

This government is operating a closed-door system where series of appointments are made in secrecy, even at the detriment of the populace. Is this the new Kwara promised?

Ironically, kudos to Mr. no adviser for making our education the best among others. Lori iro.

It is my prayer that Almighty God forgives those who support your illegality without telling you the right thing to do.

I come in peace!

By: Ahmed Funsho Hadnan

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