Kwara APC Crisis: The Sorry Defence of Gov. AA Treacherous Opportunists

By: Kwara North Concerned APC Youths and Peace Makers.

Foremost, we seek refuge from the most High against the accursed and shallow thinkers.

Let us first correct the inanity of the author/orator of that flaccid rejoinder from the stable of the purposeless Amb. Nurudeen Muhammed and Sen. Sadiq Umar that we are legitimate Kwara Youth Northerners/ Peace Makers. We are against the illegal demonstration at Abuja and poor representation of truthfulness on Channels TV program by the two aforementioned publicist who couldn’t take time to at least make peace within the party but busy following blindly because of unforseen future position promises and selling of their legislative birthright.

Who are these mischief makers? Are they Honorables or something else? Why can’t they stand by the truth, rather than to haul lies on social and mainstream media.

Having said this, let us start with a similar analogy using sets of applicable Yoruba idioms and proverbs to speak directly to the inner ears of these irrelevant politicians. Here are the following proverbs (a) Òmó aijebé ri, tin ja epo si aya (b) Òmó toni Iya ohun oni sun, ohuna ko ni fi oju kan orun. (c) Airin Po Ejo lonseku pawon (d) Odo tobagbagbe orisun e, gbigbe ningbe (e) Truth must prevail, as many days for the Thief one day for the Owner.

These idioms are going to guide us to understand where we are coming from, where we are right now and where we are going in the party and Kwara North as a whole. We are going to take two stanzaic steps in addressing the intellectually dumb rejoinder by the two aforementioned on media through the vaguely informed semi-professional and expired elders who have been championing the Kwara North course to backwardness since the creation of the State.

To be honest, we weren’t expecting any rejoinder from the end of Ambassador to Malaysia who hails from Kaiama with the following characteristics:

  1. He has no political value in Kaiama and Kwara North.
  2. He created no opportunity for Kaiaman nor Kwara North people throughout his stays as Ambassador to Malaysia.
  3. He cannot even win a Councilor seat in Kaiama.
  4. Educationwise, he should mention how many people he facilitated their admission to Malaysia either undergraduate or postgraduate.
  5. He cannot even uphold his families, wife and children.
  6. People have been cursing him everywhere in his home town for bad representation.
  7. He cannot delivered his polling unit for AA because he worked for the opposition then, but shamelessly claiming actor now.

However, we are convinced that their action and inactions against the legally appointed caretaker Chairman of the party by the NEC, Hon. BOB is indefensible, but if at all it would come, we didn’t expect it to be this jaundiced, and worst still a time like this. We never imagined it was going to be authored by someone that is rated to be reputably experienced in public affairs management. Their lack of intellectualism couldn’t have been more disappointing.

Therefore, addressing their nail-biting frustration, we are going to blast off their balloon of lies with just a finger nail. We are also going to talk about their infantile defence and catastrophic indictment of themselves, while querying their continued association “KN Elders” with those they accused of betrayal and conmanship in the party.

In furtherance, we have waited this long to reply to that deflatted and self incriminating rejoinder from so many media write ups, signed and countersigned by House members and National Assembly members against Hon. Bashiru Omolaja Bolarinwa (BOB) whom they roded and won elections 100% because, they probably don’t know the reason or how responsible they should be while elected there!?

Action sought:

None of them reacted via Abuja or TV media to the fact that LGAs are creeppled since inception of this administration in 2019 in the state.

Where are the massive employment promised?

Where are the workers welfare packages/minimum wages promised?

What is happening to LGA accounts?

Why appointments without portfolios?

Why contracts given to non indigenes/foreigners? etc.

These are just simply put few questions of which all of these ill-mannared elders cannot ask about, but instead, blindly choose to lead the path of destruction because of futile pledges.

Councilor works are what the Governor is doing as a project, No capital projects!

One with God is a majority! Hon. Bashiru Omolaja Bolarinwa is massively loved ever since the struggle and a lover of Kwara North and Kwara as a whole. Why unnecessary bigotry???
The kind of Kwara North and Kwara we are craving is yet to be realised.

We will soon retired those self centered elders as we are watching them keenly this time and concluded we must liberate ourselves for now and future of our unborn children.

Though, initially, we felt it was not necessary for us to respond again because many more intelligent people have been doing justice to their comments, but then, because the party destroyers who don’t realised our hard work of ” Otoge ” in the state can easily and illegally go back doors to misbehave.

We are under obligation to prove them wrong on empty allegation against Hon. BOB, while also educating them on what they know not about the spirit of ” OTO GE“.

Let it be emphasized that if by anything, the soulless rejoinder is indeed a corroboration of our initial argument on why the so called haters of Hon. BOB should have lived above sentiment and thought it through before they gullibly pushed the APC into a dungeon of disrepute. they should never have caved in to innate ethnocentric brutishness.

Lame as their defence is, it is equally interesting that the We the KN Youths have accused the back door empty Alhaji Abdullahi Samanri as he remains the deputy caretaker chairman of our great party.

Shameful as it is, what is more mortifying about the KN Senator chagrin is his public lamentations and howling for public sympathy over an embarrassment he brought upon himself. If only he had listened!

For Senator Umar Sadiq who claimed he became a Senator in 30days via a WhatsApp platform. Clearly himself was not even near the tree which formed the OTO GE movement until he later got the party ticket via a WhatsApp platform.
This can be confirmed through a book he authored and tittled “How I became a senator in 30days”. Sadly, the APC you see today where you rode and became an OPPORTUNIST. We therefore call upon you to bring real capital projects to Kwara North via your seat Not TV unsolicited placement.

It is important to state that the only person who will go into an agreement with a ” serial betrayer of trust” or one who will remain in that breached agreement is someone whose mission is not to keep the virtues of the winning party legacy he inherited but someone who is out to destroy that legacy. Be that as it may, the Governor has openly made us realised that NEC National are fraudulent, dishonest, violent, untrustworthy and cantankerous in their decisions.

APC National must be rocking their chairs and wiggling in anger for this remark by this illegality of NWC. Let’s see how they react later.

God bless APC
God bless Kwara North
God bless Kwara State
God bless Nigeria.

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