Just in: Aluko, Seriki, threaten showdown with Abdulrazaq over Kwara COS appointment

It is no more news that Kwara State lost its Chief of Staff on the 7th of July 2020 to #Covid19 which automatically left that seat vacant. Since then however, the Kwara state governor, Mr Abdulrazaq Abdulrahman, has been subjected to undue pressure by not only some of his aides and political allies but also his siblings, especially Mr Isiaka Abdulrazaq, who has assured one of Ilorin crown Princes, Mallam Abdulkadris Mahe, of concluding all arrangements with his brother, the governor, in making him his next Chief of Staff. It was also reported that the same Isiaka Abdulrazaq purchased a brand new SUV for Mahe last week.

Things fell apart in the state ruling camp, when the public got tipped of with information on how the governor’s family members who influenced the choices of Kayode Alabi as the Deputy Governor, Prof. Shaaba as SSG, and the late Logun as COS among other key positions, have asked the crown prince, Mahe, who was rumoured to be a former permanent secretary in the state, to declare himself as the next Chief of Staff, even without official press release from the governor’s spokesperson, Rafiu Ajakaiye.

Some of those ambitious to occupy the position, including one of the APC gubernatorial aspirants in the state, Mr Yahaya Seriki, the governor’s Special Adviser Special Duties, Mr Yinka Aluko, among others who were jittery of the unfolding events and threatened showdown with the Governor following the selfish repetitions of such events.

The weak – livered governor has, however, considered the last minute changes of the appointment, following Aluko and Seriki’s threats. Recall that Yinka Aluko who felt denied of the same seat by his biggest benefactor, Dr. Bukola Saraki, and resorted to political departure with him, now feels he stands a chance to become the Chief Staff and that he must be compensated because he deserves more than being “SA” to those with little or no knowledge about politics.

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