Resignations: Nothing Could Better Confirms Government’s Corrupt Tendency in Kwara

Press Release

31st August, 2020

Kwara Accountability and Integrity Forum

Just like other reasonable Kwarans who have been following happenings in Kwara since Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq took over mantle of government of the state, we are amused by the latest “naked dance in the market” of handlers of this government particularly that of Mr Rafiu Ajakaiye, the CPS in an attempt to whitewash the government and paint those people who had resigned from cabinet in bad lights.

Nothing could have better confirmed the glaring retrogressive and corrupt tendencies of any government than the latest statement from Mr CPS where in a bid to cover the systemic disintegration of AA administration, he tried to describe the two bold cabinet members who resigned from their offices as “Money mongers” whose ambitions to make money was frustrated while in service.

Perhaps, Mr Ajakaiye has forgetten in a hurry how he had once issued press statement on behalf of government to tell Kwarans how lucid and corrupt free these people were, but for sure Kwarans are not suffering from loss of retentive memory.

It would be recalled that shortly after Wale Suleiman, Special Adviser on Health matters resigned from office, another strong cabinet member, Hajia Aisha Ahaman-Pategi had also resigned under a controversial circumstances.

One of the mysteries which surrounds Aishat Pategi resignation has been the monthly N300Million missing LGA funds which the bold and fearless woman had exposed which later cost her all this verbal attacks and intimidation from the government.

One would have expected a sincere Government spokesman to pay attention to details; address cogent corruption issues and lack of transparency which have led to this ugly trends among powerful cabinet members; instead, Ajakaiye is employing unnecessary propaganda to shift public attention from the embarrassing shady deals of the government he represents.

As a group that seeks to protect Kwara interests on all fronts, we want to remind Ajakaiye that the state did not only provide official vehicles for Governor office which would assist him while discharging his official duties but also made provision for drivers and other essential resources spelt out by law as fringe benefits attached to the office of the Governor. Thus, telling us Abdulrazaq has been driving himself all around in his personal vehicles is a mockery of such exalted office and such should not even be discussed outside.

Just as we are used to say, the government under Mallam Abdulrazaq has not shown any ingredients of openness, prudence and or transparency in management of the state fund.

It is rather so tragic that the probe panels set up for the N300m LGA funds diversions and the probe of the sale of government/public properties seem to be dead on arrival (DOA) as they are all shrouded in different controversies and issues that have taken away the credibility and credulity of such process. More worrisome is that the Governor out of his dictatorial attitudes is now losing those who are bold enough to speak up and tell him the truth.

We appeal to the Governor to go back to his manifesto and electoral promises to Kwarans and stop this so called “groping in the dark” without tangibles on the table.

This group, therefore, call on Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to immediately address Kwara people on the real reasons why the government is crumbling under his watch especially with these unwarranted resignations of prominent members of his cabinet as Kwarans are becoming sick of the lies and propaganda of his media handlers.


Barr. Kunle Mahmud Sulieman,
State Chairman,
Kwara Accountability and Integrity Forum

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