Re Justice Orilonishe: Ajadi Just Justifying The N5million He Was Paid

Our Attention has been brought to the recent statement by Senator Makanjuola Ajadi that his Committee did not accuse the head of the new Commission of Inquiry, Justice Orilonishe, of misconduct.

We are not surprised that the crooked Sen. Ajadi will come out with such farcical defence of the corrupt Justice Orilonishe who is been sent to do a hatchet job by the clueless Governor Abdulrahman.

Ajadi was Chairman of the Committee that investigated the sale of Government properties. It is on record that his committee found that Justice Orilonishe was occupying government property that he was not entitled to. It found that Orilonishe also illegally excised 4 plots out of the six plots belonging to government and built on it. He had no permission from bureau of lands and he has no papers for it. If this is not an indictment, then what is.

But we are not surprised that Ajadi has sprung to the defence of the latest hatchet man of Governor Abdulrahman. He. Has no choice. Dubiously, Ajadi asked the Governor to grease his palm for the dirty job he did for him in the Committee. Governor AA told him to ask the SSG to put it in a memo. So Ajadi wrote to the SSG soliciting for $30,000 so that he can travel to USA for check-up because he had Hypertension, Diabetes, Osteoarthritis and Prostate Enlargement. He didn’t produce any medical report or doctor’s appointment to back it up.

However. the Governor approved N5 million in May and paid to him immediately. But crooked Ajadi has since not traveled to USA for the claimed “check-up”. He has not traveled anyway for any check-up. He just pocketed the money. Now he is forced to defend Justice Orilonishe, otherwise he would have to account for the money. It’s just shows that AA Government stinks of corruption all over.

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