Prof. Wale Sulaiman’s resignation- a trauma and heart-break to kwarans

By Hon. Oyeyemi Aransiola

It is no more news that a great giant of giants who has served Kwara State benevolently with rare professionalism and activistism has pen out his priceless and incomparable services
after a year of dedicated service to Kwara State Government.

Prof. Wale Sulaiman one year in office manifested a massive transparency and standardization in our dear State healthcare sector and beyond.

However, it is really a sharp touch to the heart that such a beautiful and invaluable medical expert like Prof. (Dr.)Wale Suleiman with renowned domestic and international precedence sign out suddenly.

Do I need to mention how this valuable human asset within his short stay as the S. A Health Matters to the Governor and the Vice Chiarman Kwara State Covid-19 Committee contributed immensely in the transformation of health care delivery in Kwara State which used to be “the beautiful once aren’t yet born” but with his restless and fruitful efforts “the beautiful one is here” in the Kwara State health system.

Prof. Sulaiman’s knowledge and international experiences in anchoring the healthcare system of Kwara State was also manifested in the recent ranking of Kwara State as third in its response to the fight against Covid-19 in Nigeria.

Perhaps, by now you will agree with me that our Professor who resigned was an asset that Kwara can’t risk to loss. Accordingly, it becomes rather too vague that he hanged his pen in his position as Special Adviser on Health Matters to the Governor of Kwara State with professional reasons. Undoubtedly, Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq knows he is a man who has served diligently.

Remarkably, Professor Sulaiman mentioned in his media resignation speech that he is committed to contribute to the development of the state regardless of his political or societal status. However, inferring from this assertion it suggests that his relentless passion to deliver optimally must have been hindered by some protocols. Meanwhile, I think the government has done more justice to this in order to improve service delivery in my humble opinion.

Nevertheless done is with what’s done! I could only beseech with my professor as I look forward to seeing his indefatigable services in our great state and country at large in some more notable and more resourceful sectors for greater good. I wish the party of good changes. APC can also see this and make resource from a resourceful resources like Prof. Wale Sulaiman.

God bless prof. Wale Sulaiman!
God bless Irepodun local government!!
God bless kwara state!!!
God bless Nigeria!!!!

Thank you!

Hon. Oyeyemi Aransiola
Apc party chairman Irepodun!

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