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The Kwara Agenda

16th August, 2020

The attention of Kwara Agenda group has been drawn to an article making round the social media by an individual name Sambo Sholar Muritala, a self acclaimed activist, in respect of the petition our group laid before the Kwara state government and in which all security agencies in the state were also copied. As an NGO which focuses on monitoring government activities in ensuring government act in a way that favours general interest of Kwarans, we would not be joining issues with such attention seeking characters hiding under the pretence of activism to negotiate their political fortune.

Instead, we would rather focus our energy explaining to the public on reasons that informed our calling for disbandment of Justice Orilonishe led probe panel so that discern Kwaran public would not be misled by some hungry political hawks desperately seeking to appease their overlords. Hence, we state our facts as follow with all sense of responsibility:

  1. That our group received the report that Kwara state Governor, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq constituted a 6-man panel of inquiry to investigate sale or unlawful acquisition of government properties between the year 1999 and 2019. Kwara Agenda welcomed such moves by the government if only it is aimed at recovering public assets that had gone to unlawful hands and not to oil political vendetta.
  2. That one retired Justices Olabanji Orilonishe was appointed to chair the panel which also consisted of five other persons with one Muhammed Baba Orire as the secretary.
  3. That on the 6th of June, 2019 after inauguration of Abudulrazaq led APC government, the Governor in trying to set a good pace, constituted a 21-memeber committee to review the sales of government properties from 1999 till June, 2019. This committee was headed by Senator Makanjuola Ajadi with Chief Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo as Secretary and Joel O Asha as Co-secretary .
  4. That upon completion of the Ajadi led committee investigation, a 120-pages Reports of investigation and recommendation was submitted to the Governor.
  5. That the investigation report from Ajadi led panel of inquiry indicted some former government officials including judges, civil servants and political office holders part of whom Justices Olabanji Orilonishe belongs.

The Kwara Agenda team, therefore, derived the strength of our petition against Justice Orilonishe led panel from the recommendations submitted to the state government by the previous Ajadi led panel. Parts of the recommendations stated as follows:

“In the course of the inspection of the quarters and chalets, the committee discovered a block of private residential building within the premise of Government quarters formerly allocated to Hon. Justice Orilonishe, Rtd, along No. 8 Trinity road GRA, Ilorin.”

“The committee suspects that it is an illegal development and therefore needs to be further investigated. The committee is of the opinion that Government should further investigate the private property within the premises of government quarters formerly allocated to Hon. Justice Orilonishe, Rtd.”

As a responsible NGO saddled with the responsibility of defending the entity Kwara, we are of the opinion that the Governor had failed to employ due diligence or failed to pay attention to details of the Ajadi led report before appointing retired Justices Orilonishe whose name was mentioned as beneficiary of illegal asset aquisition as chairman of the new probe panel.

We have only written our petition with the intention to save the Abdulrazaq government from the looming public embarasment that may have confronted his government should Justice Orilonishe be made to proceed without checking for his culpability in the same corruption his team is saddled to investigate.

We, therefore, consider it as rather unfortunate that Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq could relate our patriotic communication to government with petty personality such as Sambo Muritala.

We are aware that Sambo Muritala is seeking Governor’s attention using Saraki’s name to drive his point but we would not be joining such conversation since nowhere in our petition Saraki name was mentioned. It is advisable for Sambo Muritala to look elsewhere in his business of political propaganda for Kwara Agenda would not be engaging pigs in mud combat.


Comrade Olusegun Olusola Samuel,

Director of Media and Publicity,

Kwara Agenda Group

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