Constitute Another Panel to Probe #Tractorisation Fraud -KSIF to Gov. Abdulrazaq

7th August, 2020.

Press Release

Kwara Stability & Integrity Forum, KSIF

The Kwara Stability and Integrity Forum, KSIF has advised Kwara state Governor, Mallam Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq to immediately constitute another probe panel which will be looking into the allegations of sharp practices and fraudulent dealings surrounding the #Tractorisation exercise under his government which was uncovered by Fresh insight media group just of recent.

KSIF noted that the constitution of probe panel by the government to look into alleged diversion of Local government fund by top officials of this government coupled with shameful expositions of #Tractorizaction scam which also indicted many government functionaries lend credence to its earlier stance that Abdulrazaq’s government is replete with desperate thieves and highly fraudulent individuals who are dangerously looking to amass wealth using government offices as shields.

The group, however, said it will be suicidal for Kwara people to watch Abdulrazaq’s men pilfering millions of naira taxpayer’s fund with impunity and fold their arms.

It has come to our knowledge through several publications by Fresh Insight that the APC administration under Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq had provided cover for loads of corrupt individuals in its fold as none of the government officials and APC leaders in the stare who have been indirectly linked to this mind bugling Tractorisation Frauds and corruption, inflation of contracts fund, non compliance with Kwara state procurement laws have been held culpable and called out by the Abdulrahaman government.

Instead, what Kwarans are witnessing is the shameless diversionary antics of Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq government to probe selling of government properties by past administrations. KSIF sees this actions as retrogressive and an attempt to divert public attention from loads of corruption and unbrittled looting of public fund being perpetrated by the Governor’s cabinet members.

While we would not condemn plans to investigate past administrations officials whose hands are not clean, we feel the timing of such actions and the circumstances that instigated it especially at a time Kwarans are demanding full scale investigation into massive corruption ongoing in ministries and other parastatals under Abdulrazaq’s leadership is wrong.

We, therefore, call on Abdulrahman’s government to stop its pretentious approach to the fight against corruption and allow those behind the humongous corruption in the Tractorisation Fraud, Local government fund diversion and other corrupt officials he had appointed to man various offices to have their days before the law.

This forum wishes to appreciate sister organization such as Fresh Insight, KAI, Enetsud, Brain Builders International and others for not keeping mute at a time that matters. We are aware that several petitions were written to EFCC which is now forcing the government to constitute probe panels whose members are expected to show full loyalty to their appointer .


Barr Kunle Mamud Sulieman,
Kwara Stability and Integrity Forum – KSIF

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