Demanding for Genuine Investigation of Looted LG Fund is an Act of God Fearing

By: Semiu Kariola

As expected, some apoplectic rodents or should we call them beneficiaries of fiscal plundering ongoing across government ministries under Governor Abdulrazaq including that of N300 million LG fund said to have been diverted monthly, these set of people who are already jittery of their own shady dealings that may be uncovered if genuine investigation is allowed have started spewing their venoms across social media for attacking the call by Kwara PDP to allow statutory anti graft agencies with more experience and resources to conduct holistic investigation into the allegation of fund diversions in our local governments in order to have a reliable outcomes that would be acceptable by vast majority of Kwarans.

While I don’t want to be a callous human being to tell these class of aggrieved individuals not to express their sadness; for it’s only a wicked man that will whip a child and still beat him for crying.

But as a concern Kwaran and a university graduate whose future is being threatened if all these huge allegations of financial misconducts are allowed to be trivialised on the altar of Kangaroo Panel as PDP publicity secretary described it, I feel so embarrassed reading a jaundiced piece titled “Does the Kwara PDP fear God at all” put together by one Mutiu Olagunju, a pseudo name used by a coward in his desperate effort to blackmail “Voice of Reasons” into abrupt submission.

I wish to however disappoint whoever is behind such article that neither the Kwara PDP nor its Publicity Secretary, Tunde Ashaolu, had asked for too much in their demand for genuine and unbiased investigation into diversions of LG funds which belongs to Kwara people.

As it stands, the statement released by PDP which called on government to instead of acting as judge in its own matters allow statutory anti graft bodies with mandate to conduct investigations on public fund management be allowed to do their jobs is the real minds of average Kwarans which had been expressed countless times by several civil society groups.

Is it not even waste of government fund, time and energy when as government, you have the pen to sign Freedom of Information bill, FOI . instead of setting up different unnecessary probe panels?

As a matter of fact, the writer claimed that Governor Abdulrazaq had officially writen the EFCC on the subject matter is an intentional distortion of fact aimed at window dressing a government that has since lost its credibility.

This is because the EFCC had since made its position known to public that there was no time it received any invitation whether in writing or oral from state government or Governor Abdulrazaq himself in respect of the said investigation.

By implications, the claims by Governor Abdulrazaq through his CPS that the government had invited EFCC to probe the #300Million diverted LG fund circulated on social media was a mere publicity stunt to score fake appraisal.

This actions alone is enough to inform the writer that Kwara government is not sincere in its handling of this allegations and such can not be trusted to constitute a panel that will work for Kwara interest.

Relying on Probe Panel whose committee members and chairman were all appointed by Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq to conduct such sensitive exercise is like asking an hungry cat to account for the fried meat put under its custody.

All thanks to NGOs like Kwara Advancement Initiatives who petitioned EFCC into acting on this matter.

It is obvious the writer is bereft of ideas or trying to play syhcopantic roles having lost touch with modern realities and camouflaging under a pseudo name to showcase his hypocrisy. He should be bold and courageous enough to come out like Ashaolu did and “smell the coffee.”

Once again Mr Tunde Ashaolu has demonstrated the highest level of professionalism by calling out the government to follow the laid down democratic process and tenets if truly they meant business and not to grandstand, deceive Kwarans with fake anti corruption posture when their activities are smelling like rotten eggs.

For the old school expired Journalist who have been around for long to join the “Asharo Elepo rede rede” team of government, I advise you to stop using fake identity to sell your rotten market, come out of your cocoon.

The statement from Mr Ashaolu is unambiguous, apt and clear as points are clear issues and not stabbing in the dark. Attacking Kwara PDP or its vibrant publicity secretary who is only acting within the confine of his office cannot distract Kwara public from following this case to a logical end.

Kwarans are not as stupid as we look!

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