Be prayerful and resilient, Ex-Governor Ahmed Greets Muslims at Eid Adha

Former Governor of Kwara State, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed has urged Muslims to be prayerful and resilient as they celebrate the Eid Adha festival.

In his Eid message, Alhaji Ahmed thanked Allah for making it possible to witness this year’s celebration and commended Nigerians for their ”extraordinary courage’ in the face of the difficulty caused by the Covid-19 epidemic.

While soliciting more prayers for the country, the former governor urged Muslims to care for the less privileged and make the personal sacrifices needed to overcome the current pandemic which he said has adversely affected the way Nigerians live, work and worship.

Full text:
I rejoice with the Muslim Ummah as we celebrate this year’s Eid Adha. All praise to Allah for making it possible for us to witness this festival. This year’s Eid is necessarily sober given the Covid-19 pandemic, which has adversely affected the way we live, work and worship. I commend Nigerians for their extraordinary courage in the face of such difficulty.

These indeed are tough times but we must remain prayerful and steadfast. Let us pray to overcome this pestilence and the disruption it caused. As you know, Eid Adha is about generosity, sacrifice and resilience. While prayerful, we must look out for each other, support those that are less privileged than us, make personal sacrifices needed to defeat the pandemic, and remain resilient, knowing that we shall overcome, by the grace of Allah.

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