NGO Petitions EFCC over Alleged Diversion of N300m Kwara LG Funds

The Zonal Director,
Economic and Financial Crime Commission (E.F.C.C),
G.R.A, Ilorin,
Kwara State.

Dear Sir,
We present this petition to your Commission that is statutorily saddled with the responsibilities and powers in respect of the above named caption to cause an immediate investigation and probe into the activities of the Kwara State Government as regards the under listed issues herein enumerated.
The allegations which is presently a fact of common knowledge both within the government circle, the society and in the media of the callous, fraudulent and illegal monthly deductions of a whopping sum of three hundred million naira (N300,000,000.00) only from a paltry Federal Government Allocation accruing to Local Governments in Kwara State by the Commissioner for Finance Mrs. Florence Oyeyemi from the month of May 2019 when this present administration took over the administration of governance in Kwara State to the month of June 2020 when this fact and allegation was brought to bare and open by the former Commissioner for Local Government, Chieftaincy Affairs and Community Development now Commissioner for Special Duties Mrs. Aisha Alhman Pategi.

According to Hajia Ahman Pategi she has been borrowing money from banks attracting interest at the banking lending rate to augment the salaries of the Local Government Staff and workers under her ministry then.
As a non-governmental organization that believe in justice, accountability, good governance and equity to all, this weighty allegations should not be allowed to be swept under the carpet by the Kwara State Government especially at this point in our economic history when the State Government claimed that it cannot pay the minimum wage to her workers at the state and local government level due to the dwindling monthly allocations accruing to the state as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic that has affected the economy of States and Countries of the world at large.
We hereby request for a details painstaking in-depth investigations to be carried out by your agency and or commission at unraveling those behind this cruel and dastardly act which is presently affecting the lives of innocent Local Government workers and staff in Kwara State for the sole purpose of bringing them to justice and to serve as a deterrence to other in this present government who may wish to be involved in this type of shameful and unlawful act.
We also call and draw the attention of your Commission to over N30B internally generated revenue by the Kwara State Government since the inception of this administration.
The Abdulraham Abdulrazaq’s administration has carried out its affairs in ways shredded in utmost secrecy unlike and as opposed to the immediate past administration of Abdulfatah Ahmed that publishes and make public all revenues, monies and earnings accruable to the State Government on a monthly basis.
At this juncture we believe it is apt to call on the commission to call for the books of accounts and records of the State Government at determining and bringing to bare and open the earnings and spendings of Kwara State Government for the sole purpose of unraveling the criminal diversions and fraudulent misappropriation of funds in Kwara State and bringing to justice the government officials who has fraudulently misappropriated government funds in this regards.
The Commission and Agency is also called to institute a high powered probe and investigations into the donations made to the Kwara State Government to combat the Covid-19 pandemic in the State by individuals, groups, companies and organizations.
We make bold to say that there is nothing on ground in Kwara State to suggest and or that is commensurate to the financial claims to have been expended by the State Government and more importantly the Covid-19 collections headed by the State Deputy Governor.
There is no gain saying in the fact that Millions of Naira has been misappropriated and criminally fraudulently converted by some individuals either in the Committee or in the Government, an investigations in the light of the above will definitely reveal the rot that has been financially perpetrated and committed.
It is pertinent at this point to draw the attention of the Commission to the widely circulated news and information peddled by the State Government that it has spent and expended a huge whopping sum of N8B on health care services in the State since coming on board in May 2019.
An inspection and a trip round government medical facilities in the State will clearly show and reveal that there is nothing on ground to reveal and or suggest that any sum if at all near this sum or figure has been spent on health facilities and health care delivery in the state. Since the inception of this present administration there is no where or town in any part of the state that a new hospital has been constructed or built, there is no where that any significant renovations or reconstruction has taken place, there are no new medical equipments near or suggesting that any amount near this N8B has been spent. We hereby urge you to cause an immediate in-depth diligent investigations into this claim of the Kwara State Government at exposing this malicious claims and prosecute those that will be found culpable of having perpetrated fraud under this guise.
This petition will not be holistically comprehensive enough if the commission is not asked to look into the sole and unilateral award of contracts by the State Governor to his friends, cronies and associates at exorbitantly unreasonably high costs at the expense of the lean purse of the State Government without recourse to the State Executive Council since inception of this administration. Reference is hereby made to the recent outburst of the Deputy Speaker of the Kwara State House of Assembly while carrying out their statutory over-sight functions recently during the visit of the Committee of the House to some schools renovated by the State Government, the committee had claimed that the standard of work and the shoddy ways in which they were executed is not commensurate to the amount of award of the contract by the State Governor. It is to be noted at this point that the due process required in the awards of contract in the state is not followed and has not been followed by the Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s government. The Commission is therefore called upon to investigate this weighty allegations and do justice in this regards.
As a non-governmental organization that act as a pressure group towards instilling financial discipline in the government spending towards curbing financial recklessness and misappropriation of funds, we discover as a matter of fact that the State Governor has been using and spending the Covid-19 fund to sponsor, patronize, appreciate and compensate his political group (A.A) in the state All Progressive Congress (APC) some individuals were given varying sums ranging from N50,000.00 and above, this is a thing of common knowledge in the State and this has caused ill feelings amongst the members of the APC. We besiege you to cause an investigations into this claim as we maintain and reiterate that State fund should not and cannot be used to sponsor political group or party.
In concluding this petition, we call for a probe into the monthly deductions of the sum of N250, 000,000.00 for the repayment of the N4B loan secured by the immediate past administration meant for the payment of the arrears of Local Government workers and SUBEB Teachers in the year 2016, this money has been fully repaid with the accruing interest and rates in September 2019 yet this administration continued the monthly deductions of the sum of N250,000,000 from October 2019 till date, the germane question here is who is deducting this money and for what purpose.
Your prompt attention and investigations into the various allegations contained herein will in no small measure expose the rot in the financial recklessness and spending of the State Government and amongst the officials of government in Kwara State, this will in the long run translate to good governance and enjoyment of the dividend of democracy by the availability of funds and monies for the provisions of the required social infrastructures that will better the lot of the people Kwara State.
We are most obliged Sir.

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