GAA: Who is a blind man deceiving, pretending to be asleep?

By Ifatade Olawuyi

It was surprising to read news of Kwara state Governor, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq inviting the economic and financial crimes commission (EFCC) to investigate alleged diversion of local government fund by the commissioner for Finance, Olasumbo Florence. The move was an attempt by Abdulrazaq and his handlers to create an impression of incorruptibility of the present Kwara state government.

Aside trying to prove Governor Abdulrazaq non tolerance for corruption, the move is a confirmation of rumored corruption allegations by the erstwhile local government commissioner, Aisha Ahman Patigi against his Finance colleague, Olasumbo Florence and the attempt by the accuser (Ahman Patigi) to resign because she felt she was not treated fairly to have been displaced from the local government ministry. Although, aides of the Governor initially denied the development.

By this move, Governor Abdulrazaq again, displayed his pretentious character.

The same Governor that was convinced it was right to have suspended local government Chairmen over allegations of corruption pending the outcome of their investigations, decided to displace a commissioner for alleging corruption in her ministry, while the alleged commissioner for finance remains unshaken. That speaks to the probable complicity of the Governor in the whole saga.

You displaced the accused and leave the accuser? Who does that? How sure are we that the former inactive special duties commissioner was not seconded to local government ministry to perfect documents that reveals the alleged diversion of the ministry’s fund?

There can never be justice without fairness. If anyone must be replaced or even suspended, sharing from our local governments experience, it should be the accused finance commissioner and not the accuser former local government, Aisha Ahman Patigi. If truly, Governor Abdulrazaq has nothing to hide.

Governor Abdulrazaq should not use EFCC to manage public perception about his government, but rather use them to fight corruption. Trying to use EFCC for cosmetic investigation is pretentious. Just like a blind man acting sleepy.

Aisha Patigi knew what she saw before she raised alarm, return her to local government ministry to substantiate her claim and failure to do so, you can penalize her; suspension or sack. She can even be sued for defamation of character.

If Patigi’s claims are veracious on the other hand, the accused who the Governor and his aides are pampering and struggling to defend should be made to dance to the tune of corruption in the market square. Anything outside that is playing politics with the sensibilities of Kwarans!

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