NUT laments fate of private school teachers

The Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) has lamented the plight of private school teachers many of who have not being paid in the wake of COVID-19 closure of schools.

National Treasurer of the union, Mr Segun Raheem, said in an interview with The Nation in Lagos that private school teachers deserved to be paid, adding that the NUT was making efforts to unionise them. He said though the effort had failed in the past, the NUT would not relent.

He said: “The pandemic has really affected so many people – particularly when we talk of teachers in the private sector so many of them have not received salaries since March.

How do you checkmate those students who have been measured and those that have not been measured? Particularly those schools that do not even have fences or gates where students come in from all angles.

All these are serious matter.  When you look at this second spike, particularly the one happening in the U.S. you see that youths are the ones that are vulnerable now because of the fact that necessary precuations are not taken.

Most of the states in the Southern part of U.S. that have reopened all their things before are now locking down back.  So I think we need to implore government to see reason why we should flatten the curve first.”

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