With the fresh Insight report, Comrade Bashir Ashura begins to ask Governor Abdulrazaq Abdurahaman 21 Questions

By Comrade Bashir Ashura

It’s very interesting that the Kwara State Government, through the CPS, tried to bury the alarming and extraordinary spending of funds for Covid-19 under the news of Cabinet reshuffle. It is a clever ploy. But not good enough. It is better you give us a proper account and not just generalisation.

Not so fast, Mr Governor. Let us examine the Covid -19 spending you’re claiming.

  1. First of all, the Kwara State Technical Committee On Covid-19, headed by the Deputy Governor, got paid N132,931,510. What work did this Committee carry out to justify this huge payment. How many members are in this committee and how much did each person get paid. how did the Kayode Alabi, share this money. You can pay Deputy Governor’s Committee this much in 2 months but you can’t pay civil servants minimum wage.
  2. You mentioned face masks casually, but what you didn’t say was that you claim to have bought and supplied over 400,000 face masks since May. I don’t think anyone living in Kwara since May can testify to seeing any evidence of this. With that number, each of the 16 local governments should have received 25,000 face masks per Local Government. Where are the face masks
  3. A claim of spending a whopping N525,277,030 on food is very disturbing. That is over half a billion Naira! We were all witness to the paltry and pitiful amount of food that was been distributed by the committee across local governments. The Government could not counter the allegations. Nowhere did we see pictures of the huge tons of food that was meant to be distributed. We know the food deal and all shall be revealed in good time. That amount should have translated to *N33million of food per Local Government *
  4. Still on the “food deal”, why did you not mention that you claim to have separately spent almost extra N40,000,000 for food items for Offa. What is the special interest Ade of Offa over and above all the other local governments. Or was it just a case of finding an item to incur the ‘spending’?
  5. Still on the food deal, why is it that the bulk, if not all the food supply was given to your friend who also supported your campaign with finance. Is it only Mt Olive Nig. Ltd that can supply food items in Kwara?
  6. Why is it that majority of the contractors for Covid-19 spending were Lagos based contractors. Even face masks contract were given to Lagos tailors.

It is very disturbing that even a group like Enetsud was co-opted into this highly dubious spending scheme. Can Enetsud testify that half a billion Naira worth of food distributed? Can anyone in Kwara testify to this. Even Kayode Alabi and the CPS cannot come out to testify to this publicly.

We are watching. We will keep watching. We will following every kobo of Kwara money.

Comrade Bashir Ashura asking questions

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