[OPINION] Secret Spending by Secret Goverment: Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRasak should Account for COVID-19 spending

by Raheem Olawoyin

The Government in Kwara State has truly dismantled all the basis for which it stood election and won under the mantra of “O to ge”. While stating during campaign that the previous governments of 16 years have not done anything for the masses, but rather enriching their own pockets, it said it will do something different.

The APC party promised to do things differently. It promised to change a vast amount of the things they criticised of the old government. It gave masses hope that it will run an open and transparent government.

Very sadly, the reverse has been the case. Abdulrasaq Abdulrahman government has left the entire Kwara people in the dark on how he runs government. A government operated with no cabinet meeting and filled with “yes sir” commissioners, eho lsck badic understanding of governance.

All we are asking for is the transparency on spending our collective patrimony.
Why is it so hard to tell the people how you are spending their money? Is it because you are not able to justify the spending? Is it because there is something shady about the spending? What are they afraid of. Even the civil society organisation SERAP has decided to take the governor AbdulRahman to court for secrecy of spending our money.

The Deputy Governor, Kayode Alabi, doubles as the head of the Kwara State Committee on Covid-19. Between him and the governor they have been claiming to spend billions of Naira on Covid with nothing to show for it. He is busy saying people are applauding them, but he refuse telling us how much his committee has approved for spending.
The question for Governor Abdulrahman is where did our billions of Niara go?

Is it the ridiculous amount of food they distributed to the local government which was a disgrace? Is it the repainting of a small part of Sobi Hospital that is nothing to write home about?
Is it the two fairly used ventilators that some medical people are saying cannot be used?
They should just tell us where they are claiming to spend the money. Unless they are spending it into their own and their friends pocket. Kwara peoples are not fools. Don’t take us for granted. We demand answers because we cannot allow politicians to continue to rob us of our money. We will follow Kwara money, no matter whose ox is gored.

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