Opinion: One year after: AbdulRazaq and the naive cheerleaders

By Ali Adama

Any follower of events in the last one year of affairs of Kwara State may be tempted to hold the belief that the state is on autopilot. Some reasons could be adduced for this unexpected development.

First, the Governor, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq, appears to be all in all in a manner that he has assumed the position of capo di tutti capi, a development that caught most political class within the ruling APC unawares.

His own modus operandi in running the affairs of the state has fallen short of expectations of those, who hitherto belonged to the same camp with him. Perhaps, their thoughts, upon the emergence of AbdulRazaq as the Governor, were that the it is our time to reap bountifully from what we sowed and devoted our time to nurture and grow until the harvest period.

But soon after their effort birthed the government, the Governor began to show his hidden agenda of being a ‘one man mopol’, a posture that has put him on a collision course with the leaders of various cleavages in the ruling party.

Except for the uninformed, it was crystal clear ab initio that the APC in the state is a marriage of inconvenience; a congregation of incompatible strange bed fellows. To compound the problem, Governor AbdulRazaq, who is bereft of what it takes to run public service in all ramifications, emerged to the consternation of co-travelers.

Secondly, the complete and unapologetic ostracization of other structures of the party in running the state is a big blow to leaders of various camps, who held the view that the Governor cannot afford to jettison them having fought collectively to install him.

But the path the Governor had chosen may have put the state on a journey to perdition, knowing fully well that governing a state like Kwara is beyond child’s play, the semblance of which AbdulRazaq had exhibited in the past one year, thus making the state to be seen as being on autopilot.

A popular saying in a local parlance would suffice in this instance. You can’t give what you don’t have. In spite of the euphoria that surrounded the emergence of Governor AbdulRazaq with the expectations that the state is beginning on a new slate, people have started feeling disappointed.

A cursory look at the rationale behind the calibre of appointees to man sensitive positions such as education, finance and even communication, as strategic as the positions are, leaves a lot to be desired. This is more so when the state has not run short of capable hands. And today, the people can compare and judge devoid of any sentiment.

With the manner with which some of the Commissioners and others emerged, it is hard to believe that any of them would have the temerity to face the Governor and tell him pointblank this cannot be done this way ‘Your Excellency’. It is all about yes boss. Or how else does one describe boot lickers, ass kissers, proteges and apologists?

Since the inauguration of cabinet of Governor AbdulRazaq, it might be difficult to believe that no State Executive Council (SEC) meeting has been held except for the puerile virtual one reportedly held few weeks ago. Usually, it is through a meeting like that major decisions that make or mar the state are taken.

But what do we have today? The Governor has been running the state without recourse to due process. Funds are allocated for phony projects without prior approval of the SEC. Some of the projects, perhaps, are listed for pseudo commissioning to mark the past 365 days of government that had practically abdicated its responsibilities.

The nonchalance or silence of the Governor in some urgent matters is suspicious. When one Esinrogunjo recently revealed a can of worms in the running of the state in a social media post, a vituperation, which some called it, it is needless waiting for a diviner to untie the mystery. Like they say, truth needs no witness.

Though Esinrogunjo may have been invited to the state command of the secret police in Ilorin to either deny or confirm the genuineness of the leaked audio, the fact remains that no matter the longevity of the journey of lie, truth surely catches up with it within a twinkle of an eye.

For those who took time to listen to the audio that had since gone viral, one cannot but ponder on how the state has fared in the last one year with regard to the utilisation of public fund in allocations and revenue running into billions of naira.

A genuine look at the achievement of AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq-led administration in terms of infrastructure showed that nothing could be farther from the truth about the administration that needed to undergo tutorial on modern public service.

Talk of road, water and other amenities, the achievement in them fell short of expectations of the people or how does one explain the execution of two or three kilometres road projects in virtually all the 16 local government areas and identify such absurdity as unrivalled?

Is it water project that AbdulRazaq two predecessors in that sequence had performed wonderfully well, which prompted him to pay Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) some millions of naira to supply electricity to the Dam to provide running water in some parts of Ilorin metropolis could be called achievement?

It is obvious that the incumbent Governor is only out to paint Saraki family black in the eyes of the uninformed through his sustained attacks. In his disingenuous and ludicrous thoughts, making Saraki a villain was the only thing required to erase his evergreen legacy from the surface of the earth. But that cannot be so soon, for Kwarans can now, without any prodding, separate the grain from the chaff.

Except for cheerleaders, who out of sheer ignorance and naivety, wanted the people to believe that it is a new song in Kwara, one can see the Governor’s ploy to carve out a fiefdom and put all at his beck and call.

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