Personally, I never enivsage the current travails ravaging the APC let alone getting to the extent of hot political faceoff.
One would think the so called liberation of Kwarans from the shackle of the former political leader is borne of out deep reflection on the need for Kwara to start competing competitively amongst the comity of states in the federation but the recent obtainable fact is far from the populace assessment, needless to say the public were manipulated against the previous administration just for the current players to start feasting on the nest of Kwara largesse.

The Kwara APC played into the people’s emotions, served different tales about the past orders but they are never a different from what they criticized.

One would wonder, of what profit is their fight to Kwara development?
It’s now crystal clear to all and sundry, the manipulative tendencies of the APC and their unfounded label of past orders as “unprogressive”.

A year into their government, different drama has been served basically on personal and ulterior motive completely devoid of meaning for the populace they vowed to serve, what a miasma?.

It will be highly crude and unethical for anybody of startling character and pedigree to come to the public and tagged these fellows as progressives henceforth, it’s better they lay low or rather stay off radar.
The division speaks volume, it goes in long way in showcasing how docile and inconsequential some of these elites could be!

The APC leaders are adept at public manipulation and despite their seemingly antics Kwarans can now separate the chaff from the wheat a move inimical to the sudden fall of the order.

Some brilliant minds still defend this undefendable evidences against their leaders, needless to say conscience is far away from them.what is actually causing intraparty rift within APC, is it actually the inability of the Governor AbdulRahman to deliver some of key APC manifesto prior to the elections like payment of Minimum wage, clearance of outstanding Salaries of both SUBEB AND LG, payment of promotions and the reduction of KWASU FEE and other institutions of learning in the State?

Or should we buy the account of State Government that these people are ventilating and attacking the Governor owing to their inability to have access to State Cake which SA DOMESTIC to Governor described as ASARO ELEPO REDE-REDE? I will leave these narratives for my readers to judge.
All boils down to selfish interest at the expense of the populace.

I hope the APC stalwarts across Kwara will rally round the Governor, put differences aside and put things in order before the whole events boomerang.

Both the government and the people, I left you all with your conscience.


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